University Neighborhoods Safer Streets

Program Overview

Completing Connections: The overall University Neighborhoods Safer Streets Program is looking at the big picture of transportation in this area, including projects funded by voter approved bonds, scheduled maintenance like street paving and new construction. The program helps understand how various projects connect to others, such as new sidewalk installations where they are missing, new bike facilities that can be installed when streets are repaved, and other bond funded projects.

In addition to the Elevate Denver Bond Project elements, several other mobility projects are occurring within the area to make University Neighborhoods streets safer to cross the street, walk to shops, jobs, schools, bicycle to work, transit stops and move actively with assistive devices. The following project updates are included, as well as links to planning efforts that are currently underway aimed at capturing a broader vision and project recommendations for the area.

Through multiple studies, including Denver Moves and the 2017 University/Colorado Multi-station Plan and Mobility Study, community members in the University Area have prioritized actions that would strengthen the connectivity and improve safety to and around the University and Colorado Station Areas.  Over the next several years, Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is designing and implementing numerous projects aimed at achieving these goals.

Project Priorities: Safety, Connectivity, Choice

Project Map


Buchtel Multimodal Improvements - Full size map(PNG, 1MB)

Upcoming Projects

Bike Projects

  • BIKE PROJECTS: UNSS prioritizes comfortable, safe, and accessible bicycle connections to allow greater mobility choice for Denverites. Many bike improvements also include multimodal benefits, helping to create a safe, connected transportation network for all road users.

    Buchtel Protected Bike Lane (Corona to University Blvd) (Paving and Construction, 2022)

    Birch Street Neighborhood Bikeway (Iliff to the Colorado Station Area): Design 2022; Community engagement in the spring of 2022 as part of the South Central – Community Transportation Network effort

    South Franklin Street Neighborhood Bikeway (Buchtel to Dartmouth): Design 2022; Community engagement in late spring/early summer 2022 as part of the South Central – Community Transportation Network effort.

Sidewalk Projects

  • SIDEWALK PROJECTS: UNSS will include new sidewalk in select locations to provide safe, continuous, connected pedestrian connections. Complete pedestrian connections were identified as a priority in Denver’s Pedestrians and Trails Master Plan and is funded by the 2017 voter-approved Elevate Denver Bond Program.

    University Park Neighborhood Gaps - Completed 2021

    New Sidewalk Construction webpage

Elevate Bond Projects

  • ELEVATE BOND PROJECTS: UNSS will include the Elevate Denver Bond project known as Buchtel & Colorado Blvd Intersection Improvements (includes Colorado Station Bike/Ped). Specific project elements include:

    Buchtel Boulevard Complete Street (Design: 2021, Construction: TBD)
    This entails making Buchtel Boulevard, from University to Colorado, a more complete street making it safer to cross the street, walk to shops, jobs, schools, bicycle to work, transit stops and move actively with assistive devices.  Improvements include:

         º Safer intersections
         º Safer pedestrian and bicycle crossings
         º High comfort bicycle facilities
         º Street signage and lane markings

    Due to additional funding and need, a full signal rebuild at the St. Paul and Buchtel intersection is also expected.

    Major intersection improvements at University/Buchtel, University/Evans, Colorado/Buchtel, and Colorado/Evans intersections (Design: 2021, Construction: TBD).  
    This entails safer intersection and operational improvements including:

          º Safer pedestrians and bicycle crossings
          º Bicycle facilities and potential bicycle signals installed
Street Signage and lane markings


Near Southeast Area Plan (Goldsmith, Indian Creek, University Hills North, Virginia Village and Washington Virginia Vale neighborhoods, including Colorado Station Area).

º Virtual community workshops March 1 and March 10, sign up at the project website.

Denver Moves Everyone 2050 (Citywide): Community engagement throughout 2022, get involved at