Quebec Street Bridge over Airlawn Road

The Quebec Street bridge over Airlawn Road, just south of I-70, was built in 1961 and rehabilitated in 2012. This bridge has been deemed one of the poorest quality bridges in the City, and the site poses vehicular and pedestrian safety concerns with inadequate sight distance for drivers at nearby intersections and a lack of pedestrian and bicycle connections.

In 2017, Denver voters approved Elevate Bond funding to ensure the safety of this infrastructure was brought up to standard. In early 2022, work began on an improved design for this section of Quebec Street to address safety concerns and the lack of multimodal facilities.

Planned Improvements

  • Improve safety conditions at the existing Quebec Street Bridge over Airlawn Road
  • Fill in existing gaps in sidewalks for better multimodal connectivity
  • Connect the sidewalk along Airlawn Road to the Sand Creek Trail
  • Improved drainage system

Project Benefits

  • Safer conditions for drivers and pedestrians
  • Connection to regional trail network