Quebec St Pedestrian and Mobility Improvements Project

Project Status

The Quebec St Pedestrian and Mobility Improvements Project will enhance neighborhood safety, comfort and access along Quebec St and 17th Ave.  Missing sidewalks in the area make it difficult, uncomfortable and, at times, unsafe to walk or roll through the neighborhood or wait for a bus.  Likewise, Quebec St is one of 27 streets that make up Denver’s High Injury Network, within which 50% of all fatal crashes and serious traffic injuries occur.

To improve pedestrian safety and mobility, the project will fill 2.1 miles of sidewalk gaps along Quebec St (between 12th Ave and Montview Boulevard) and E. 17th Ave (from N. Monaco Parkway to Rosemary St), add ADA compliant ramps at all intersections within the project scope, and make limited upgrades to five transit stops along Quebec St.  The city will also upgrade the traffic signal at Quebec St and E. 17th Ave to enhance safety for pedestrians and improve traffic operations.

Project Map

Sidewalks map for Quebec Street Pedestrian and Mobility Improvements project

Quebec Street Project Map - Full Size(JPG, 228KB)

Project Status & Schedule

Project timeline for Quebec Street Pedestrian and Mobility Improvements project

Project Background

The project builds-on recent developments within the area, including Denver School of the Arts’ expansion onto the west portion of the Park Hill Campus formerly Johnson and Wales University Denver Campus, new bike lanes on Syracuse, a neighborhood bikeway on 12th Ave and planned future Colfax Bus Rapid Transit stations at Quebec St and Syracuse.  Together, these changes enhance safety and mobility within the project area.

The project also aligns with the East Area Plan’s recommendations to save lives and reduce pollution by making streets safer, slowing down traffic, completing the sidewalk network and improving bus connections.  It further advances Denver’s Mobility Action Plan, Denveright’s Denver Moves Plans and Denver’s Vision Zero plan.

Photo Gallery

Driveway Grades: Quebec St, south of 17th Ave

Driveway grades: Quebec St, south of 17th Ave

Bus Stop: Quebec St at 17th Ave, looking north

Bus Stop: Quebec St at 17th Ave, looking north

Bus Stop: Quebec St at Montview Boulevard

Bus Stop: Quebec St at Montview Blvd, looking north

Sidewalk Gap: Quebec St at 17th, looking north

Sidewalk Gap: Quebec St at 17th Ave, looking north

Community Engagement

In the coming months, the City will engage key stakeholders and property and business-owners within the Park Hill, Montclair and East Colfax neighborhoods to discuss the proposed improvements. The following is a list of planned community engagement activities.

Key Stakeholders
º Community Stakeholder Meeting for those representing key civic and business interests
º Participation in RNO meetings        

Public Engagement
º Public Meeting on Tuesday, March 8 (5:30pm-7pm) for neighbors to learn about the project goals and timeline
º Regular community updates to the website and construction progress

Individual Engagement
º Virtual office hours to address individual questions: Sidewalk Gap Office Hour Signup
º Outreach to individual property owners and residents in the weeks and days prior to construction to share project and contact information


How will the project handle City-owned trees and private property in the public right-of-way?

Where the project conflicts with trees and other private property in the public right-of-way, the City will do its best to minimize impact and work with property owners to find a suitable solution.  To speak with the project team about any specific concerns, property owners can sign up for virtual office hours at

When evaluating existing trees, DOTI follows the process set by the Office of the City Forester.  Wherever possible, the project team will avoid removing trees by adjusting design in a way that upholds safety and mobility goals.  Where tree removal is required, DOTI will provide funding to the City Forester to plant replacement trees on City-owned property within the project or at other locations around the City.  Property owners may also request a free sapling from the City to plant in an alternative location.  For more information about this program, contact Senior Forestry Inspector, Kiki Romero, at

The City is not responsible for replacing private fences or other privately-owned hardscaping installed in the right-of-way.  However, where possible, DOTI will work with owners to relocate fences or landscaping to allow for sidewalk installation.  Any privately-owned sprinklers impacted by the project will be repaired by the City’s contractor to pre-construction conditions.

Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk after installation? What if I am unable to maintain the new sidewalk?

Once the sidewalk is installed, city policy requires that residents of the adjacent property maintain the sidewalk, which includes the removal of snow, leaves, and debris. Residents who are physically unable to remove snow from their front sidewalks may qualify for help through the Denver Snow Angel program, an initiative of the Agency for Human Rights and Community Partnerships that is aimed at assisting residents with shoveling during the winter months.

What are the planned dimensions of the sidewalks? How are these determined?

The size of the newly constructed sidewalks will vary depending on the location:

  • On E. 17th Ave, which is classified as an arterial (but which functions as a neighborhood collector due to low area traffic), the sidewalks will be 5-feet-wide with a 5-foot minimum width tree lawn separating the sidewalk from the road. In instances where the sidewalk needs to shift to be attached to the curb to avoid impacting adjacent trees, the sidewalk width will be 6 feet.
  • On Quebec St, which is classified as an arterial, the sidewalks will be 8-feet-wide, with a 5-foot tree lawn separating the sidewalk from the road.

More information on street design and sidewalk standards can be reviewed in the DOTI Transportation Standards and Details for the Engineering Division as well as the City of Denver Complete Streets Design Guidelines.

What will the bus stop upgrades include?

At present, the project includes limited upgrades to five existing bus stops along Quebec St.  These upgrades consist of a 7-foot by 20-foot concrete bus pad and an 8-foot-wide concrete boarding area adjacent to the sidewalk where space permits within the public right-of-way.  While DOTI is looking at possible sources of funding for additional bus stop amenities such as bus shelters and seating, current plans do not include these amenities.

When can I expect to get information about construction?

12 weeks prior to construction, DOTI will contact property owners with a door flyer or by mail to share detailed information about the construction plan and DOTI contact information. Two days before construction, door hangers will be distributed to properties within the project scope and will contain temporary lane closure, parking and construction information, as well as contact information for the hotline, website, and project manager. Where there are temporary driveway impacts, the contractor will work with property owners in advance of construction to minimize impact.

Individuals may also sign up for virtual office hours with the project team to discuss the project and its impact to private property using this link:

Will the new traffic signal at Quebec St and E. 17th Ave include a left-turn arrow?

The updated traffic signal at the intersection of Quebec St and E. 17th Ave will not include the installation of a left-turn arrow. Installation of a left-turn arrow at an intersection is determined by the City’s Traffic Signal guidelines, which examine certain criteria when determining if a left-turn arrow is warranted, including accident history and left-turn volumes. 

Based on these criteria, the intersection does not currently warrant a protected left-turn lane.  If conditions at the intersection change, the proposed signal design can be upgraded in the future to include a left-turn arrow.

Will the project include bike lanes?

Bike lanes will not be installed as part of this project.  At this time, Syracuse St (east of Quebec) includes bike lanes and is the nearest major north-south corridor for transportation by bicycle.  In addition, plans are underway to install a neighborhood bikeway on 12th Ave to provide an east-west connection, and a neighborhood bikeway on Kearney/Krameria Streets for additional north-south connectivity.