48th Avenue Outfall

Project Description

The 48th Avenue Outfall, when complete, will provide relief for some of the drainage problems in the Globeville neighborhood with the potential to create a community connection to the South Platte River, expand access to green space, and further the community’s goal of a more walkable neighborhood.

The general project alignment starts at the “uphill/upstream” location of Lincoln Street and 48th Avenue, passes through Argo Park, under the BNSF railway, crosses Washington Street, and then continues “downhill/downstream” along 48th Avenue to a new stormwater outfall into the South Platte River.

Project Purpose

This project will design stormwater improvements for the entire project corridor from Lincoln Street on the western end, along 48th Avenue to the South Platte River on the eastern end. The first phase of construction for the 48th Avenue Outfall will begin with the downstream segment of the project from the west side of Washington Street to the South Platte River.


The 2014 Globeville Neighborhood Plan outlines a vision for a unique, strong, connected, and healthy Globeville. Nuisance flooding from stormwater runoff is a well-documented challenge within the community as well as major surface ponding issues in the Argo Park area. The neighborhood sits in the Globeville/Utah Junction Drainage Basin which does not have a formal drainage channel to carry stormwater to the South Platte River. Instead, stormwater drains out of the neighborhood through undersized stormwater pipes and the street network.

The Globeville drainage basin has been heavily studied in recent years. The design and construction of this project builds upon the drainage analysis and conceptual design completed as part of the Globeville Stormwater Systems Study (GSSS) – Final Draft December 2019 This initiative will also coordinate and connect with several other ongoing infrastructure improvements in the neighborhood including Heron Pond, Platte Farm Open Space, Washington Street and the Bettie Cram Drive Bridge connecting to the National Western Center.  See the Washington Area Program of Projects for more information.

Project Schedule


48th Avenue Outfall Project Schedule - Full Size


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Project Area Map