41st & Fox Next Steps Study

This comprehensive study developed a community-facing infrastructure plan for the north Denver community, to create a hub of vibrant land use at the 41st and Fox Station Area with strong connectivity to the neighboring Globeville, Sunnyside, Highland, Chaffee Park and RiNo communities.

The study was a joint effort between Denver Community Planning and Development, Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), and the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative to recommend major infrastructure improvements in the study area, including conceptual design configurations, locations, cost, implementation phasing, and financing plans.

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  • Identify key multi-modal infrastructure and roadway improvements
  • Support transit-oriented development vision in the study area
  • Address neighborhood connectivity and traffic congestion 

41st & Fox Station TOD & Plans

Existing Conditions Assessment(PDF, 2MB)

Draft Recommendations

41st & Fox Next Steps Study recommendation map

Project Schedule


41st & Fox Next Steps Study schedule

Schedule Details

  • Spring 2019 – Discovery & Analysis
  • Summer 2019 – Alternatives, Criteria Evaluations & Scenario Development
  • Fall 2019 – Draft Recommendations & Finance Plan
  • Winter/Spring 2020 – Costing, Phasing & Final Report

July 2019 Open House

Attendees discussed the study, provided input on key areas, and shared thoughts on future connections and transportation improvements. Key themes included multimodal connections and safety, improvements to the 44th Avenue bridge and 38th Avenue underpass, and future development in the area.