2016 Project Archive

38th & Blake Station Area Improvements

The City and County of Denver’s Public Infrastructure (38th & Blake Station) TOD Project made infrastructure improvements to provide better pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular access to the Regional Transportation District’s (RTD’s) 38th & Blake rail station.

The Blake Street Bridge improvements are part of the North Denver Cornerstone Collaborative (NDCC), an initiative of Mayor Michael B. Hancock to strategically align six redevelopment projects in North Denver. 

To enhance mobility around the new RTD commuter rail station at 38th & Blake, part of the University of Colorado A Line that opened in spring 2016, Denver Public Works completed several multimodal improvements:

  • Flattening the “hump” on the Blake Street Bridge over 38th Street so drivers have a better view of pedestrians and people on bikes 
  • Installed nearly 4,000 feet of new sidewalks in the area, including wider sidewalks on each side of the bridge for enhanced pedestrian mobility and safety 
  • Dedicated bike lanes in both directions 
  • A new, multi-use trail connection between 38th/Walnut Street and RTD’s 38th and Blake Station

Construction began on the 38th & Blake Station area improvements in 2015 in preparation for the RTD A-Line commuter rail opening in 2016.  Construction on the sidewalks and Blake Street Bridge was completed in April 2016.

Inca Street Multi-Use Path

This new multi-use path provides dedicated pedestrian and bicycle access to the new RTD commuter rail station at 41st and Fox that will open with RTD's G Line, and additional improvements to the 38th Avenue Underpass help pedestrians travel safely in the area.  The path also serves as an extension to the Platte River Regional bike trail and the Inca Pedestrian Bridge.

Lawson Construction Company constructed the Inca Street Multi-Use Trail and 38th Avenue Underpass Project.  Underpass improvements provide safer pedestrian travel at the 38th Avenue Underpass as well as provide refurbishment of the underpass walls, railing and lighting.

Major work on the multi-use path and underpass is complete and the areas are open to pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Summer 2016 — the 38th Avenue underpass between Jason Street and Fox Street is open to pedestrian traffic

February 2016 — the Inca Street multi-use path is now open from W. 38th Avenue to W. 45th Avenue

Kennedy Ballpark Detention Pond

This project near Kennedy Ball Fields and Kennedy Golf Course in southeast Denver mitigates flooding by constructing an outfall pipeline system to redirect flood waters from the existing detention basin to Cherry Creek during a 100-year storm event.

McNichols Civic Center Building

The historic McNichols Civic Center Building reopened in September 2016 following renovations to improve operations and accessibility.  A redesigned courtyard and new interior facilities created more usable space for higher capacity events and more diverse programming.

Learn more about McNichols and the grand re-opening

Wynkoop Street Improvements

In April 2016, Denver Public Works made improvements to Wynkoop Street between 16th and 18th Streets to prioritize the pedestrian environment in front of Union Station, including enhanced crosswalks, bicycle facilities, and wayfinding signage.

These efforts provide rapid-phased solutions that prioritize pedestrian safety in front of Union Station in Downtown Denver.  Phased solutions began with the anticipated influx of ridership at the opening of RTD's commuter rail A Line in April of 2016.

  • Temporary bulb-outs and bollards prevent illegal parking, increase visibility of the intersection, and shorten pedestrian crossing distance. 
  • Vehicular wayfinding system to direct vehicles to designated passenger pick-up and drop-off spaces on Wewatta, instead of Wynkoop.
  • Adjusted curb lane on Wynkoop to be less confusing and accommodate bicycle parking through a City-installed bicycle corral.
  • New B-cycle station below the curb on Wynkoop Street between 16th and 17th Streets.

Construction was completed in April of 2016.