Vision Zero and Bikeways Evaluation Study

The City and County of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is evaluating the effectiveness of recently installed bikeway and Vision Zero treatments throughout the city. These treatments include Neighborhood Bikeways, Protected Bike Lanes (PBLs), and speed limit reductions, among others.

Neighborhood Bikeways are low-volume, low-speed streets designed to prioritize people who are biking, walking, and rolling by using design elements such as signage, pavement markings, speed and/or volume reduction features, and crossing improvements. On these streets, vehicle traffic is low and slow enough that bicyclists are encouraged to share the road with motorists. Protected Bike Lanes (PBLs) are dedicated bikeways that have both horizontal and vertical separation between people riding bicycles and people driving motor vehicles. Vision Zero safety improvements are traffic control devices that aim to eliminate traffic fatalities and severe injuries along the High Injury Network (HIN)(PDF, 14MB).

In addition to collecting speed, volume and behavioral data, DOTI wants to better understand how safe and comfortable users feel navigating these facilities when bicycling, walking, rolling, or using a scooter. This feedback will help DOTI identify opportunities for improvement in the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of these facilities.

Get involved and help us make Denver a better city for biking, walking, rolling, and scooting!


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Thanks for completing our online user survey and sharing details on your experience bicycling, walking, rolling or using a scooter on the project corridors. We received nearly 1,700 responses and will share overall findings with the public in 2024.

While the Evaluation Study survey is closed, check out the Denver Moves: Bikes Update Survey to provide us with your comments on Denver's existing and proposed bike network!

Denver Moves: Bikes Update Survey

Bikeway Corridor Map

Vision Zero and Bikeways Evaluation Corridors study map

Full Size Map(JPG, 423KB)

To learn more about bikeway projects being constructed in NW, Central, and South-Central Denver, check out the Community Transportation Networks website.