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Project Overview

Denver Moves: Cherry Creek is a year-long planning effort to develop a cohesive strategy for infrastructure development that achieves the City’s mobility goals in the Cherry Creek neighborhood and surrounding area. The project will explore improvements to make it safer and more convenient to walk, bicycle, take transit, deliver goods, and drive in and around the area, and will also examine green infrastructure, parking, curbside uses, and other considerations. When complete, Denver Moves: Cherry Creek will guide how Denver programs, funds, plans, designs, builds, and maintains the future multimodal transportation network of the area.

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Study Area

Denver Moves: Cherry Creek study area map

Project Process


DOTI hosted the second virtual public meeting about the future of transportation in and around Cherry Creek on February 8, 2023.  The meeting video can be found below:

Meeting Video 


The City and County of Denver heard from residents, businesses and others interested in improving mobility and safety in Cherry Creek using the interactive map linked below.

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DOTI hosted the first virtual public meeting about the future of transportation in and around Cherry Creek on June 21, 2022.  The meeting presentation can be found below:

Meeting Presentation(PDF, 3MB)


Our public outreach includes over 1,000 points of engagement conducted in the Cherry Creek area.

Public Input Phase One Summary(PDF, 521KB)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the timeline for this planning effort?

Denver Moves: Cherry Creek kicked-off in March 2022 and is planned to be completed in the Summer/Fall of 2023. The City will reach out at three points this year:

  • Summer 2022 - Listening to the community about existing transportation challenges getting to, from, and around Cherry Creek
  • Winter 2022/2023 – Gathering community input on potential future visions for the transportation network in Cherry Creek
  • Spring 2023 – Presenting draft recommendations for improving transportation in Cherry Creek and collecting public feedback on these recommendations

During each of these phases of outreach, there will be different ways to give input both online and in-person. Continue to check this website for specific ways to give your input during each phase.

When will Denver make changes based on this plan?

A portion of the funding for this project will go towards implementing priority projects recommended by the study.  Additionally, the final plan will identify next steps and funding for implementation of the plan’s other recommendations.