About the Denver Moves Broadway/Lincoln Corridor Projects

In 2015, Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) began studying Broadway and Lincoln to see how we could make both corridors safer for all commuters (bikes, drivers, pedestrians, and transit riders). We led a community-driven public process to evaluate both corridors and arrived at plan to implement multimodal corridor improvements over several phases.

In 2016, DOTI evaluated a two-way protected bikeway along South Broadway from Bayaud to Virginia. Our goals for the bikeway study were:

  • Everyone arriving to their destinations safely
  • Continued collaboration with the community and businesses
  • Providing new mobility options for everyone

In Summer 2017, DOTI and RTD transitioned the existing peak period transit lanes along Broadway and Lincoln (north of 5th) to 24-hour operation. We are evaluating the effectiveness of transit priority pavement markings (red paint and new signage). 

Based on technical analysis and community feedback, DOTI has made the decision to design a more multimodal Broadway. In 2017, we received funding to redesign South Broadway as a true multimodal corridor with pedestrian, bicycle, transit and vehicle safety improvements stretching from E 7th Avenue to Center Street. We will kick off this design project in Summer 2018.

Related Plans and Studies

Strategic Transportation Plan (2008)

The Denver Strategic Transportation Plan promotes innovation to move people, not just vehicles, by providing multimodal improvements. Broadway/Lincoln was identified as an Investment Corridor and identified for a complete multimodal reconstruction.

Denver Moves

Denver Moves identified the South Broadway Corridor from downtown to Broadway Station as a “Needs Further Study” project due to its unique character, complex traffic operations and ideal location as a primary north/south route for current and future bicycle needs.

Denver Moves: Enhanced Bikeways (2016) recommends Broadway as a protected bikeway from downtown to I-25.

Golden Triangle Neighborhood Plan (2014)

The Golden Triangle Neighborhood Plan recommends a two-way protected bikeway on the east side of Broadway as well as enhanced transit on the West side of the street.

Baker/Broadway Parking Area Management Plan (2015)

The Baker/Broadway Parking Area Management Plan responds to new growth and vitality along the South Broadway commercial area by creating a consistent parking management strategy that maximizes the availability of on-street parking.

Blueprint Denver

Blueprint Denver created a citywide land use and transportation plan promoting a walk- and bike-friendly city, increased transit service on major corridors, more housing in mixed-use areas, and directing new development to areas where growth is most appropriate. Based on community input, the Blueprint Denver 2018 update will focus on creating a blueprint for an inclusive city made up of "complete" neighborhoods with infrastructure and amenities, diversity of housing choices, further attention to urban design, and more.

Denver Moves Downtown

Denver Moves: Downtown is a planning effort that is re-envisioning the city’s downtown transportation system. The boundaries for Denver Moves: Downtown generally follow I-25 to the west, Park Ave. to the north, Lincoln Ave. to the east, and Speer Blvd. to the south, but the project will also take into account how surrounding neighborhoods and the entire region access downtown.

Learn more about Denver Moves Downtown

Elevate Denver

The 2017 GO Bond that was approved by voters in the November 2017 election included funding for transportation projects on and around the Broadway Corridor.

Learn more about Elevate Denver bond projects