Denver Moves: Bicycles Program

Riding a bicycle or other micromobility device is convenient, affordable, has health benefits and helps ease congestion. These elements are all part of the community’s vision for a healthier and more vibrant city.

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Denver's Bicycle Program aims to provide people of all ages and abilities with a bicycle network that is safe, comfortable, and connected — no matter where you live. We will do this by making progress toward our three goals.

Our Goals

Install 125 new miles of bikeways by 2023

Tracking Progress


(Since July 2018 and as of Sept. 1, 2023)

Provide all households with easy access to a high comfort bikeway.

Our goal is to build out the bikeway network so all residents are within a two minute ride (a quarter mile) of a bikeway they feel safe and comfortable riding.

59 percent of bicyclists are interested, but concerned

High-comfort bikeways include:

  • Trails and paths separated from vehicle traffic
  • Protected bicycle lanes with physical barriers such as curbs or posts
  • Neighborhood bikeways with design elements to slow traffic and prioritize bicycle and pedestrian travel
Comfort levels of on street bike lanes, low, to multi use trails, high
chart: bike commuter percentage at 6% in 2010, 7% in 2015 and 8% in 2019. The target is 15% by 2030.

Achieve a 15% bicycling and walking commute mode-share by 2030.

Currently, about 8% of residents commute by bicycling or walking. Our goal is that by 2030, 15 percent of people will walk, bicycle or take a micromobility device to work or school, which will help decrease congestion and air pollution from cars, and provide more Denverites with a convenient, affordable and healthy mode of travel.

Current Projects

DOTI installs bikeways in three different ways.

Interactive Bike Map

Denver’s community-developed, city-wide bicycle master plan (2011 Denver Moves: Bicycles and 2015 update) outlines the roadmap for where and what types of bikeways to install to create a complete, connected, safe and comfortable bikeway system in Denver.

Use this map to explore existing, planned, and current bikeway projects.  Posted planned and current bikeway projects and project details are subject to change; information will be reviewed and updated regularly.

Email for questions or comments.

What to know about biking in Denver