Bannock Street Mural is Getting a New Look and Feel!

Published on September 22, 2023

Artist Pat Milbery and Mayor Mike Johnston on Bannock Street mural in front of City and County Building

DENVER – The City and County of Denver has commissioned a refresh of one of its most prominent murals, hiring Artist Pat Milbery to install a new design on Bannock Street between 14th Avenue and Colfax Avenue.

Denver contracted with Milbery more than three years ago to install the mural titled “Interwoven.”  Exposed to the elements, the mural’s vibrancy began to fade over time. The city partnered with Milbery once again to rejuvenate the space with fresh paint and a new design. Anti-slip aggregate and a protective clear coat will be added to help maintain the artwork’s radiancy.

At two-thirds of an acre, Bannock Street is the largest canvas the city has ever dedicated to street art and is the largest mural in Colorado. It has successfully served as a centerpiece for various events, turning the street into a lively hub of activity, especially during festivals, public gatherings and art tours. Beyond aesthetics, it represents the city's commitment to public art and its belief in the transformative power of creativity.

"Art brings cities joy," Mayor Mike Johnston said. "Pat Milbery is a visionary artist and social activist whose vibrant mural plants joy in the heart of our city. Every Denverite should visit Bannock Street to see his brilliant mural and enjoy our revived Civic Center Park.”

Denver closed the one-block stretch of Bannock to thru traffic in April of 2020 to create a welcoming new place for people. Transfer of the street to Denver Parks & Recreation allows the space to be blended with Civic Center Park and the City and County Building.  The concept for the long-term future of the stretch is part of the Civic Center Next 100 planning effort, envisioning Bannock as a flexible central plaza space, balancing event needs with daily civic activities and services.

A dedication of the new Bannock artwork installation is being planned for early October. Details will be shared closer to the date of the event.


I am quite mindful of the environment and the energy inherent within the spaces I create within. I wanted this piece to carry a sense of place and energy from the first mural, but reimagine how that energy has been transformed over the last three years. In 2020, I painted the street amidst the chaos of a global pandemic. Then a series of unexpected street riots erupted around me as Coloradans grappled with the unrest. I wanted to honor our first piece - while also bringing a new sense of unity, positivity, and the power of transformation and growth.

The creative process is one of hope and transformation. Being out in nature painting is a form of therapy for me, it always has been. Creating art together requires shared trust, flexibility, and positivity. That too – that spirit of working together and collaborating with purpose – that’s group therapy.

We went into the design process envisioning the harmonious social setting in the heart of the city that we hope will increase quality of life, promote creative art culture and bring people together. The piece was also artfully created with a timeless feel that aligns with future vision of Bannock which will feature a central garden plaza, interactive water features, and garden rooms.