Denver Prepares to Finalize New Citywide Transportation Plan

Published on November 30, 2022

Residents are reminded to weigh in on proposed short-term improvements before Denver Moves Everyone 2050 is released in Q1 2023

DENVER– Denver’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) is just weeks away from releasing a draft of a new citywide transportation plan that aims to deliver on the community’s values of mobility, safety, sustainability, community and quality. But before a final draft of the plan is complete, DOTI is asking the public to weigh in on recommendations it’s making for short-term transportation improvements.

Residents can utilize the plan’s public engagement tool at, and the “next” and “back” buttons at the bottom of that web page, to review the goals of the plan, the types of improvements recommended, and the short-term projects that DOTI is proposing to advance, in the areas of:

  • Major multimodal
  • Walking and rolling
  • Bicycling and micromobility
  • Transit
  • Signals
  • Bridges and structures

The project proposals are displayed in map form and as a clickable pdf, with the last slide of the engagement tool offering an opportunity for residents to weigh in. DOTI is encouraging the public to share their thoughts on the projects through December 7, 2022.

The overall vision of Denver Moves Everyone (DME) 2050 includes making Denver a city of safe streets connected by sustainable mobility options, providing equitable access and opportunity for the people who need it most. The plan is guided by community feedback and knowledge and insight from industry leaders in transportation, energy, education, health and wellness, and many more. DME also builds upon the transportation goals developed in the Denveright Comprehensive Plan 2040, that included delivering a safe multimodal network that serves all users and encourages more trips by walking, rolling, biking and transit.


About Denver Moves Everyone (DME) 2050: DME is a two-year project aimed to develop a visionary, citywide strategic transportation plan, with a keen focus on developing community-driven goals. The plan will prioritize equitable and safe transportation and mobility solutions for Denverites and seek to improve the movement of goods and services ensuring access to everything people need.