About Denver 911

Denver’s 911 Communications Center is staffed by public safety professionals who are trained to answer 911 and non-emergency telephone calls, as well as dispatch police, fire and paramedic resources. Our dedicated Emergency Communications Operators gather critical information from callers and send the information via computer to police, fire and or paramedic dispatchers who are responsible for relaying the information to the first responders. The 911 team works in partnership with Denver Police, Denver Fire and Denver Health Paramedics to ensure the safety and quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors in the City and County of Denver.

Message from the Director

We strive to exceed customer expectations and do this by using basic process improvement strategies. Every policy, protocol, and process is subject to continuous review and improvement.

The City and County of Denver 911 operations headquarters houses Denver 911 Operators and Dispatchers, Denver Fire Dispatchers, and Denver Health Paramedic Dispatchers. All 911 calls placed within the City and County of Denver's geographical boundaries are received and then screened to determine if the caller has a police, fire, or medical emergency. Police and medical calls for service are processed immediately by the 911 call-taker; all fire related calls are transferred to Denver Fire Dispatch.


Denver 911 will continue to be recognized as the standard of excellence in public safety communications, attracting and retaining the greatest talent while consistently exceeding customer expectations.


At Denver 911, our professionals will remain focused on your call, your emergency, your safety. 

Our Operations

Operational Improvements

We frequently review our policies, service levels, technology, training, employee expectations, and quality of service delivery. Just when we think we’re done, we start the process all over again.

Over the past five years, we have made changes to our hiring program that help us better identify people who are best-suited to succeed at this type of work.  We have continually improved our training program by soliciting feedback from our customers and the trainees themselves.  We have improved the way we evaluate the quality of our service and have enhanced our operation schedule so that we have the right number of people on duty at the right time. 

Hiring Process

We continue to improve hiring practices. Our latest improvements include verifying that  job descriptions are accurate and represent the work of our team members.  

Job announcements are reviewed to verify that they match the job descriptions so that we are recruiting people who have the knowledge, skills and abilities required to be successful.

Testing has been validated to ensure that we are using the most appropriate tools to find the best people for these extremely challenging and rewarding careers. 

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In 2010, Denver 911 achieved a national accreditation for our training program, having met the Association of Public Safety (APCO) standards.

Our Training Team strives to provide state-of-the-art training to our new and tenured employees by consistently improving programs, assessing and developing new curriculum as needs arise, and verifying that the current training documentation is accurate as well as compliant with all policies and procedures.

Scheduling & Quality Assurance

We have refined our operations schedule to make sure that we have the optimum number of people on duty at all hours.  We've also enhanced our Quality Assurance (QA) program to verify that:

  • training has been effective;
  • employees have the knowledge to do their jobs; and
  • we're meeting the high expectations that we’ve set for ourselves.  

Trends from our QA work are continuously reviewed with the Training Team and when appropriate, modifications are made to improve training.

Technology Enhancements

We reaffirmed partnerships with the vendors that help us do our work and supply our system. We recommitted to our relationships, verified our business requirements and worked to ensure that the vendors understood our expectations.  All of our systems are up to date and are working as designed.

Performance Measures

One of the most important performance metrics is how fast we answer the phone. We can see a progression of improvements over a 5-year period--answering 49% of our 911 calls on the first ring in 2007; and in 94.6% in 2011.  

Additionally, in 2011 we surpassed the National Fire Protection Association goal is to answer 95% of 911 calls within 15 seconds or less, by answering 96.6% within the target time. 

These performance improvements can be attributed to the dedication of the men and women who answer Denver 911 calls, the supervisors and managers who lead the teams, the technology team members who work to ensure our systems are optimized and the training team members who prepare our teams to be successful.

Our Teams

Our employees are taking on new responsibilities and assuming leadership roles in the Center; the results are exciting and we're looking forward to more accomplishments next year.  It's through incredible teamwork that we have been able to deliver a premier service to the citizens of the City and County of Denver.

Our current staff includes the following positions:

  • 1 Director
  • 2 Operations Managers
  • 1 Quality Assurance Manager
  • 1 Training Manager
  • 10 Shift Supervisors
  • 1 Staff Assistant
  • 1 Scheduler
  • 3 Lead 911 Operators
  • 2 Lead Police Dispatchers
  • 3 Agency Trainers 
  • 66 911 Operators
  • 43 Police Dispatchers
  • Denver 911 is fully staffed 24-hours per day