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Thanks to Denver taxpayers, we connect people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to community-based programs offering the relationships and opportunities they need to thrive. We partner with service providers and local organizations to fund programs addressing gaps in essential services and supporting access to housing, social inclusion, technology and mental health care.

IDDEAS Program List

Rocky Mountain Human Services - Mill Levy

Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) is the first place to go to determine whether you or your child may have an intellectual and developmental disability (I/DD) or developmental delay qualifying you for IDDEAS-funded services. Once you are determined eligible, RMHS can help you receive a wide range of supports. 

When voters approved a tax fund dedicated to services for people with I/DD, the process used to collect those tax funds was established as a “mill levy.” For this reason, the IDDEAS-funded services provided by RMHS are referred to as the Mill Levy program.

RMHS’ Mill Levy program empowers people with the resources they need to reach their full potential. Services are provided in the following areas:

Mill Levy Support Plan

Mill Levy Support Plans provide services that fill gaps in individuals’ Medicaid and state-funded service plan to provide wrap-around supports. Support plans are also available to people who: 1) are not eligible for waiver or state services, or 2) are on the waitlist for waiver or state services. Learn more about RMHS' Mill Levy Support Plans.

Individual Requests

Residents and their families can request goods, items or services to meet their individual needs. Examples include respite for caregivers (support enabling caregivers to rest or take time to themselves), adaptive equipment, clothing, rental assistance, recreational activities, art and music classes, massage therapy and more. Visit RMHS' website to make an individual request or learn more.

Community Initiatives

RMHS sub-contracts with community agencies to support unique and innovative programs that benefit Denver’s eligible residents. Priority funding areas are identified in collaboration with a community Advisory Council comprised of individuals with lived experience with I/DD. Funded programs vary from year to year and have included activities such as adventure camps, technology education and inclusive early childhood education, among many others. Visit RMHS' website to learn more about community initiatives.

Early Intervention

RMHS’ Mill Levy program helps to ensure that Denver’s young families have access to high quality professional early intervention (EI) services which exceed limits set by other funding sources, while providing tailored access to client and family-directed funds. Additionally, IDDEAS funds are used to provide support services for those who do not qualify for the state’s current EI program and to provide gap services to infants discharged home from the NICU until state-funded EI services begin. 

Additionally, RMHS utilizes Mill Levy dollars to dedicate resources and staff to:

  • Connect people experiencing homelessness with I/DD services and supports
  • Support people in various forms of crisis
  • Bridge transitions from community to school supports

Learn more in RMHS’ Annual Mill Levy Report

Visit RMHS' website to establish eligibility and begin receiving services, or call 1-844-790-7647.  

Denver START

The Denver START program provides community-based care for people with I/DD who are experiencing or at risk for mental health crises. The Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources, and Treatment (START) model provides person-centered crisis prevention and intervention and helps communities to better include people with disabilities and mental health diagnoses during health care and treatment.  

Through Rocky Mountain Human Services, the START team provides rapid response, ongoing support and service coordination, as well as training and consultation with community responders such as mobile mental health crisis teams and mental health providers. START brings a holistic, positive psychology approach to ensuring people with I/DD who also experience mental health concerns are well cared for and can access services in an inclusive and competent community.

Learn more about START on RMHS' website, or call 303-636-5600 and select number eight. You can also email start@rmhumanservices.org.


The I/DD Housing Navigator Program at Bayaud Enterprises, Inc. consists of dedicated housing navigators and a mental health counselor who are trained experts in helping Denver residents with I/DD reach their unique housing stability goals. Called BE HOME (Bayaud Enterprises Housing Options Mean Everything), the program centers the work within four focus areas designed to offer services connected to various housing experiences, including:  

  • Addressing Homelessness and Housing Insecurity: Housing navigators connect people with I/DD and their caregivers to housing resources and help with basic needs such as food, clothing and public benefits applications.  

  • Navigating Housing Voucher Programs: Housing navigators help people find and keep stable housing by assisting with voucher applications, waitlist and lottery enrollment and voucher processes.  

  • Managing Urgent Needs: Housing navigators connect clients to resources and supports during urgent needs such as potential eviction or a mental health event.  

  • Long-term Planning/Homeownership: Housing navigators work with clients to develop a long-term housing plan, connecting them to resources and opportunities to support long-term goals such as buying a house.

Visit Bayaud Enterprises' website to learn more, and to get support with your housing goals.

Autism Community Store | Sensory Friendly Denver

The Sensory Friendly Denver program promotes community inclusion for people in Denver with I/DD who may have sensory processing needs that make it difficult for them to enjoy certain public spaces. Developed and provided by the Autism Community Store, this program offers educational materials and trainings that help organizations address diverse sensory processing needs. You may see Sensory Friendly Denver materials at the Denver Art Museum, Wings Over the Rockies and The Molly Brown House.  

Visit the Autism Community Store website to learn more.

Denver Public Libraries Digital Navigator

The IDDEAS Program supports the Denver Public Library (DPL) Digital Navigator program by funding one Digital Navigator staff member with experience helping people with I/DD to expand their use of technology. We also fund training for all DPL Digital Navigators to develop skills for working with people with I/DD. The IDDEAS Program addresses digital equity gaps and enhances community inclusion by helping people with I/DD access technology and online resources.

To learn more, contact DPL by visiting their website.