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Dates & Deadlines: (See details below in Upcoming Events)

Who do I call to report a problem?
You are Denver's eyes and ears. Please report issues to the city so they can respond to your concerns.

  • Call 311 or go online to to report problems such as potholes, snow on sidewalks, ice buildup*, damaged/fallen trees, weeds, trash/recycling/compost missed pickup, and neighborhood issues.
  • Call 311 or go online to to report encampments.
  • Call 911 to report a crime in progress.
  • Call the Denver Police Non-Emergency line to report a crime not in progress at 720-913-2000.
  • Call Denver Parking Enforcement at 720-913-1600 to report parking violations such as vehicles parked in bike lanes and commercial trucks parked overnight on city streets.
  • Call the Abandoned Vehicle Hotline at 720-865-0471 to report cars, trucks, RVs, and campers that have not moved in more than 72 hours.
  • Stay clear of downed lines and report them immediately to Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-1999 or call 911

Upcoming Events

June 20 - 26 | Walk FOR the Canal Week

June 22 | Bike to Work Day
Biking is good for your physical and mental health, the environment, and lowers traffic congestion. Join your fellow Colorado residents this summer for the annual Bike to Work Day! Register online and be automatically entered to win this year's grand prize: a custom FattE-Bike!

June 25 & 26 | Denver Pride Fest
In honor of the 1969 Stonewall Uprising in Manhattan - considered the tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the United States - each June Americans come together to celebrate Pride Month. Events are held all across the country. Denver events include: June 25 – Pride 5K
June 26 – Parade
June 25 – 26 Pridefest

July 2, August 6, September 10, October 8 |The Big Wonderful | Belleview Station
Food Trucks, Beer Garden, and Bands. More information and tickets here.

July 6 | Denver Police Department (DPD) District 3 Coffee with a Cop | 10 AM - Noon | 695 E Louisiana Ave
Stop by, say hello, and talk with your local law enforcement team. There is no agenda or PowerPoint, just coffee and conversation. First Wednesday of every month. 
July 12 | Denver Police Department (DPD) Citizens Advisory Board (CAB) Meeting | 6 - 7 PM | 1625 S University Blvd.
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. Hosted by Commander Kyle and law enforcement leadership from DPD District 3. Learn about safety, crime stats, and trends that affect our neighborhoods. Questions and comments can be asked at the end of the meeting. Meetings are the first Tuesday of most months.

July 14 | Neighborhood Watch Action Training | 6PM | 1625 S University Blvd. 
Denver Police District 3's Neighborhood Watch program promotes neighborhood connectivity by encouraging neighbors to get to know one another, and teaching residents how to effectively observe and report suspicious behavior. This program creates awareness through implicit bias education - reminding neighbors - it's the person's behavior, not the person to be mindful of when observing and reporting suspicious behavior to the Police. RSVP to

July 30 – August 7 | Denver Days is Back!
Neighbors are encouraged to connect by hosting picnics, block parties, and community volunteer projects during Denver Days. The city offers free park permits, street closures, and barricades. Registration is now for all neighborhood organizations wanting to participate. Learn more here:

 August 20 | South by Southeast Community Festival | 11 AM - 7 PM | Bible Park

 Join us for an inclusive community festival with bands, vendors, food trucks, fun and more! Free entry and everyone is welcome!







Denver City Council is the legislative body of our city government. Council’s duties and powers include policymaking and legislation, approving changes to the Denver Zoning Code, approving the budget and large contracts, representing our constituents, and advocating for our council districts. Individual council members can pursue policies as can the entire council. 

Councilwoman Black’s legislative priorities include sustainability and waste reduction, addressing homelessness and increasing housing options, improving safety and mobility options for all residents, increasing our green spaces and improving parks and trails, supporting local businesses, and working toward a more inclusive and equitable city.

Some examples of Councilwoman Black’s recent efforts include: 

  • Good Governance:
    • Councilwoman Black and Clerk Paul Lopez co-chair the Ballot Measure Modernization Work Group which will make recommendations to improve Denver’s ballot measure processes, access and transparency. The group will meet from January through April 2022.
    • Councilwoman Black continues to work with council members to update internal rules and processes to improve council’s effectiveness, transparency and engagement.
  • Sustainability:
    • Councilwoman Black sponsored the Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance which reduces the use of single-use shopping bags. Passed in 2020, this law went into effect in 2021. Early feedback shows that it is effectively reducing the use of single-use bags.
    • Councilwoman Black sponsored the Opt-in for Cutlery & Condiments Ordinance which reduces single-use plastic waste by requiring restaurants to ask customers if they want cutlery, straws, and condiments before providing them. This law went into effect in December 2021.
    • Councilwoman Black continues to explore ways to reduce the use of single-use plastics and packaging.
    • Because landfills are a huge source of methane, a very dangerous greenhouse gas, Councilwoman Black works with other council members and the Climate Office to reduce waste going to the landfill.
    • Councilwoman Black has served on the Regional Air Quality Council and works closely with the organization as well as with Denver’s Office of Climate Action, Sustainability & Resiliency and Denver’s Department of Public Health & Environment to improve air quality including addressing ozone and emissions. She is exploring ways to reduce emissions from small non-road engines like lawn equipment.
  • Flavored Tobacco Ban:
    • In late 2021, a bill was proposed to ban flavored tobacco products to prevent children from using these products. While Councilwoman Black agrees that we must keep tobacco products from children, she voted against the ban. The ban would have resulted in 21 small, law-abiding, tax-paying businesses that do not sell to children, having to close their doors. Councilwoman Black is working with other council members and city agencies to explore other ways to prevent children from accessing tobacco products.

City Council’s 2022 Budget priorities include:

  • Improve community engagement and customer service to support residents navigating city services, resources and accessibility including language access.
  • Increase affordable housing options and support for those experiencing homelessness throughout our city. Mitigate and reduce involuntary displacement of community members and businesses.
  • Reframe safety in a public health, evidence-based and anti-racist approach with community investment to ensure safe and healthy neighborhoods.
  • Encourage innovation and prioritize the recovery and sustainability of local businesses, our workforce and community organizations.
  • Protect our natural environment through policy and invest in communities to combat climate change.
  • Increase complete multimodal transportation connections throughout the city.

News & Announcements


  • Reverse 911: The City & County of Denver has released a new 911 alert system to notify residents when there is an emergency. The system will send alerts based on the location information you provided. You must register your cell phone to receive the alerts.
  •  Smart911 is a private, secure service that allows you to create a safety profile that provides emergency responders with important information you want them to know about yourself, your family members and pets, your home, and your vehicles in any kind of emergency. These details can save seconds or even minutes during an emergency. Learn more and sign up here

Note: Reverse 911 and Smart911 are separate from one another so to participate in both you must register with each tool individually.


#SkipTheStuff ordinance reduces the amount of waste generated by single-use items. Effective immediately, all retail food establishments are to provide single-use condiments and single-use service ware only upon request by a customer. Help reduce waste by using your silverware at home. Learn more here.





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