Apply for a Telecommunications Permit

Follow these steps to apply for a zoning permit to locate telecommunications equipment on private property. 

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Step 1.Request a Pre-Application Meeting

All new telecommunications facilities must start with a pre-application meeting with zoning staff. 

Request a pre-application meeting

Step 2.Check Zoning Rules

Understand how the zoning code regulates telecommunications equipment by reviewing Section 11.5.2 in the Denver Zoning Code or Section 59-84 if your property has Former Chapter 59 zoning.

Step 3.Design Review

If the proposed improvements are located on a designated landmark structure, within a landmark/historic district, or in a design review district, your application will be routed to the appropriate city staff for design approval. Separate applications are not required.

Step 4.Federal Section 106 Compliance Statement

If applicable, please submit a federal section 106 compliance statement with your application.

Step 5.Project Narrative

Prepare a detailed narrative about the project, including an equipment schedule either as an attachment or on the plan set (see example). Project narratives must address how the project complies with all applicable zoning rules. Applications that do not identify the type and amount of equipment proposed will be rejected as incomplete.

Staff may request additional information depending on the scope and location of the specific project.

Step 6.Project Plan Set

Submit an engineer-stamped plan set including elevations and a site plan showing locations for all tower structures, antennas, and ground level equipment.

  • The site plan must include the entire zone lot and must show all equipment locations per the included equipment schedule.
  • Elevations for roof-top, building-mounted, or ground-mounted equipment are required.
  • Please include landscaping screening information, as applicable.

See example(PDF, 1MB)

Note: Plans that are stamped "NOT FOR CONSTRUCTION" will not be accepted.

Step 7.Owner Affidavit

Submit a notarized letter from the property owner. View a sample owner affidavit(PDF, 111KB).

Step 8.Submit Online

After gathering all required documents, go to e-permits to apply for your zoning permit. If you are new to e-permits, please start by registering for an account. Once you are registered and signed in, go to Development Services > Apply for a permit.

  • For zoning permits only, select "Zoning Permit" and follow the prompts to submit contact information, project details, and upload documents.
  • For both zoning and building permits, select "Building Log" instead of "Zoning Permit" to receive a simultaneous zoning and building review.
    • Note: If you applying for both zoning and building permits, you will also need to download and fill out the telecom permit application(PDF, 301KB) and submit it along with the required documents listed above.

Enter e-permits

Need help? View e-permits tutorials and FAQs.

Next Steps

When your application has been received, zoning staff will review for completeness. If your application or plans are incomplete, you may receive a request for additional information. Review of your submitted plans will not begin until a complete application package is received.

Please check your email for updates from zoning staff as your plans are being reviewed. If your plans meet the requirements of the zoning code and your permit fee has been paid, staff will issue the zoning permit. Please note that other types of approvals, both city and state, may still be required depending on your project.

Building Permits

If a building permit is required, these must be obtained within 180 days of the zoning permit issuance in order for the zoning permit to remain valid. If you do not obtain a building permit in the 180-day time period, you will need to re-apply for a zoning permit. An electrical permit is required if there is any electrical work being done.