Site Development Plans

A site development plan (SDP) is required for new commercial construction and major additions; new construction of three or more residential units; and some tenant-finish/remodel projects undergoing a change of occupancy.

The SDP process includes three parts:

  1. the initial submittal of a development concept,
  2. submittal and review of a formal site development plan (SDP) once the concept is approved, and
  3. approving and recording the final SDP.

Certain large projects may also be required to go through Large Development Review and/or submit an infrastructure master plan. Learn about Large Development Review and contact your site's project coordinator early on if you think this may apply to your project.

Community Planning and Development’s project coordinators facilitate the development review process for both Large Development Review and SDPs. Your designated project coordinator will help identify significant land and building issues that may affect project design and feasibility, request and collect technical information and supporting materials, and facilitate reviews by other agencies. Your project coordinator will also determine when the project can apply for building permits (typically during the formal SDP phase).