Speaker Guidelines

This page outlines what to expect during the public comment portions of Community Steering Committee meetings related to the Park Hill Golf Course.

When is public comment during the meeting?

Members of the public are invited to watch the entirety of the steering committee's discussion. Additionally, at the end of every meeting, time will be set aside for community members who are not on the steering committee to address the committee. City staff will not answer questions during this time. This is an opportunity for the community to share their thoughts with the Community Steering Committee directly.

If you have a question or comment for city staff, you are welcome to submit it online here.

How do I sign up to speak?

Speakers may sign up online beginning at 8 a.m. the day before the Community Steering Committee meeting. The sign up will close at 5 p.m., 30 minutes before the meeting begins. There is no sign-up by proxy; the person wishing to speak must be the one to sign up to speak.

Speakers must also separately register for the Zoom meeting.

How much time will I have to speak?

Each speaker will have two minutes and will be alerted when their time is up.

How will I know when it is my turn to speak?

When you enter the meeting on Zoom, you will be able to hear and see the meeting but not speak. When your name is called to speak, you will be promoted to a panelist and your microphone will be enabled. The screen will flash as it changes your status. Please do not leave the meeting -- you haven't been disconnected. Once your speaking time is over, your Zoom settings will be returned to an "attendee."

Speakers will generally be called in the order they signed up. However, speakers who have not addressed the Community Steering Committee in a prior meeting may be given priority at the discretion of the facilitator.

How long is the public comment period?

The public comment period will last for approximately 10 minutes at the end of each meeting, though it can be extended at the discretion of the facilitator and committee. The facilitator will accommodate as many speakers as can fit within that timeframe. Depending on how many individuals sign up and the length of comments, everyone who signed up might not be able to speak. Those who are unable to speak may be given priority at the next meeting.