West Area Plan Public Review Draft

Thank you for taking the time to review and comment on draft West Area Plan. Read each section or the ones you are most interested in and leave comments and questions directly on the document. You can also download the full document and submit general comments and questions through our comment form. If you use assistive technology and cannot access the plan document, email planningservices@denvergov.org.

We encourage everyone to submit comments by December 16. The plan will continue to be available on the project website after this date, but it will give staff time to review and analyze community feedback. 

Read and comment on the plan

The draft plan has been separated into 5 sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Quality of Life
  3. Mobility
  4. Land Use and Economy
  5. Transformative Projects, Neighborhoods and Implementation

To move through the sections use the navigation above or below the document window to get to the section you want to review. Click anywhere on the document to leave a comment or question, and click on the comment bubbles to view comments or questions left by others.

Overview of updates to draft plan

City staff and members of the plan steering committee spent the summer reviewing the first public review draft of the area (PDF). The latest draft includes numerous changes based on these conversations. A recap of the updates in the updated draft plan is provided below.


  • New section on community engagement
  • New historic timeline and maps, and information about past harms
  • Expanded and revised section on equity analysis, including summaries of relevant recommendations, tools that will help advance equity and a link to the plan webpage that allows for a deeper dive on this section's data
  • Sidebar summary of how this plan advances sustainability
  • New guiding principles and vision for the area
  • Executive summary completed
  • Link to English/Spanish glossary for the plan included in “How to Use This Plan”
  • Link to EPA’s website that includes more detailed data on environmental justice factors included in the history section

Quality of life

  • Section moved up to the top of area-wide recommendations to emphasize that quality of life is the highest priority topic
  • New section on water
  • Revised and expanded River Sisters case study


  • Reorganization of section that streamlines it and makes it easier to read and navigate
  • Matrix at the end of the section to summarize which recommendations apply to which major streets

Land use

  • Updates to the Future Places map and Building Heights map
  • Incorporated climate action into land use recommendations

Economy and Housing

  • “Missing Middle” housing content clarified
  • Defined housing types


  • Neighborhoods chapter streamlined to include summaries of all previous recommendations that apply to each neighborhood (instead of re-stating many of the recommendations that previously appeared in the plan)
  • Spotlight given to recommendations that are truly neighborhood specific


  • Detailed implementation matrix added that points to partner agencies, timeframes, etc. for each recommendation