Landmark Designation Criteria

To qualify as a Denver landmark, a structure must maintain physical integrity, be at least 30 years old or be of exceptional importance, and meet at least three of the following ten criteria:

  1. Have a direct association with a significant historic event or with the historical development of the city, state, or nation;
  2. Have direct and substantial association with a recognized person or group of persons who had influence on society;
  3. Embody the distinctive visible characteristics of an architectural style or type;
  4. Be a significant example of the work of a recognized architect or master builder; 
  5. Contain elements of design, engineering, materials, craftsmanship, or artistic merit which represent a significant innovation or technical achievement;
  6. Represent an established and familiar feature of the neighborhood, community or contemporary city, due to its prominent location or physical characteristics;
  7. Promote understanding and appreciation of the urban environment by means of distinctive physical characteristics or rarity;
  8. Represent an era of culture or heritage that allows an understanding of how the site was used by past generations;
  9. Be a physical attribute of a neighborhood, community, or the city that is a source of pride or cultural understanding; 
  10. Be associated with social movements, institutions, or patterns of growth or change that contributed significantly to the culture of the neighborhood, community, city, state, or nation.

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