Apply for Landmark Designation

Before applying for designation, make sure you have read the designation criteria that must be met in order to qualify as a Denver landmark.

Apply for Designation

Step 1.Pre-Application Meeting

Schedule a pre-application meeting with Landmark Preservation staff. The staff may help by:

  • Assessing whether a property or properties have potential for landmark or historic designation
  • Advising you which application and fees apply
  • Advising you what additional research is needed to complete the application form
  • Providing information about the designation process
  • Providing guidance to improve and strengthen your application

Request a pre-application meeting now

Step 3.Application Review 

Landmark Preservation staff will review your application to determine whether the application is complete and Denver landmark designation criteria are met.

Step 4.Landmark Preservation Commission Public Hearing

Once an application is considered complete and landmark designation criteria are met, a public hearing is scheduled before the Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC).

  • The owner is notified and a sign is posted on the property announcing the pending designation and public hearing.  
  • The LPC will hear public testimony and determine if the property meets landmark designation criteria.  
  • If the LPC determines that a property meets landmark designation criteria, the application is forwarded to City Council.
    • Applications for historic districts are reviewed by the Denver Planning Board before they advance to City Council.

Step 5.City Council Review & Public Hearing

A committee of City Council will review the designation application and vote on whether to advance to the full City Council for a final hearing and vote. City Council will hear public testimony at the hearing and make a final determination on designation.