City Electrified Mobility Projects

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The Denver Electric Vehicle Action Plan includes a comprehensive series of projects to make Denver a great place to own and drive an Electric Vehicle (EV). Here is a snapshot of some of our key projects.

City-Owned Charging Stations

Denver operates publicly available electric vehicle charging stations across the city and is in the process of adding more. 

Map of City-Operated Charging Stations.

Electric Car Share

In an ongoing partnership with Colorado Carshare, Denver Housing Authority, and the Urban Land Conservancy, Denver has funded 7 new electric carshare vehicles and 6 EV charging stations to improve mobility in under-resourced communities throughout the city.

Income-qualified residents can sign up for discounted memberships by visiting The new carshare vehicle locations are as follows: 

  • 2855 Tremont St, Denver Motor Vehicles Building, Five Points/Whittier Neighborhoods
  • 330 24th Ave, Denver Housing Authority, Five Points Neighborhood 
  • 10th and Decatur, Denver Housing Authority, Sun Valley Neighborhood (2 EVs at this location)
  • 1024 Navajo, Denver Housing Authority, La Alma Lincoln Park Neighborhood 
  • 2004 Chestnut Place, City lot, Union Station/Five Points Neighborhoods 
  • 1600 N Downing St, Urban Land Conservancy, City Park West Neighborhood 

Check out the interactive story map below to explore each of the stations with pictures and stories from residents.

Electric Car Share Story Map

Electrifying Ride Sharing

We're partnering with ride-hailing companies and charging provider EVgo to encourage people to choose EVs for shared mobility by bringing six fast charging stations to Denver. The stations are located at 900 E 11th Ave and 942 S Monaco Pkwy. 

City Fleet Electrification

Denver has committed to purchasing electric vehicles for the city fleet whenever feasible.  

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EVs in Building Code

In 2019, the city updated its new construction and alterations building code to ensure that new buildings in Denver will have an adequate number of parking spaces that are ready for the growth of electric vehicles.

Community-Based Needs Assessment

In early 2021, Denver's Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency completed a Community Based Needs Assessment focused on mobility challenges in Denver's Montbello neighborhood.

Read the Report(PDF, 3MB)

Xcel Energy Transportation Electrification Plan

Through the end of 2020, we engaged with regional stakeholders and participated in the Public Utility Commission process to advance a transportation electrification plan for Xcel Energy. The utility’s plan was approved and will bring more investment to electric mobility in Denver and Colorado.

E-Bike Libraries

Denver has deployed e-bike libraries in several neighborhoods to help residents get where they need to go. 

Montbello Connector Micro Transit

In partnership with the city’s Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, Denver's Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency provides free electrified micro transit service in the Montbello neighborhood.