Lighting or Solar Requirements - Buildings 5,000-24,999 sq. ft.

Buildings between 5,000 and 24,999 square feet will be required to install all LED lights OR install solar panels or purchase off-site solar by the schedule listed in the rulemaking. Building owners do not have to do both options, only one is required for compliance. 

Building owners can install LED lights throughout the building or achieve a reduction in lighting power density (LPD) equal to what installing all LEDs would have resulted in. Lighting power density is defined as watts of lighting per square foot (W/sq.ft.).  


Building owners may install solar panels or purchase off-site solar that generates enough electricity to meet 20% of the building’s annual energy usage.  

The compliance deadline for buildings under 25,000 square feet varies based on building size, as listed in the chart. 

Building Size (sq.ft.)

Compliance Deadline


December 31, 2025


December 31, 2026


December 31, 2027



How do building owners submit proof of compliance with these lighting or solar requirements?

CASR has not finalized what documentation is required to be submitted or the process for building owners to submit the required documentation. These details will be finalized later in 2022 and building owners will receive mail notification with more information


What assistance will be available to building owners?  

The Energize Denver Hub staff are available to serve as a one-stop shop to help you understand the Energize Denver requirements and provide extensive compliance support for building owners and managers. The Hub will also provide advanced technical support for under-resourced buildings mid-2022, and in late 2022 begin providing incentives for electrification. 


How can building owners get started?  

  • Understand your building’s current and historic energy usage in ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® (only applies to buildings that have an ESPM account)
  • Go to the Energize Denver Hub  
  • Check available rebates from Xcel Energy

Background Information

The Energize Denver Performance Requirements were passed by the Denver City Council on November 22nd, 2021 and are based on recommendations from the Energize Denver Task Force.

Energize Denver Task Force Recommendations

Energize Denver Ordinance(PDF, 985KB)

Energize Denver Rules and Regulations(PDF, 522KB)

The Energize Denver Performance Requirements began with the formation of the Energize Denver Task Force. The City charged this diverse group with designing a building performance policy for Denver that improves health and equity, creates jobs, and brings existing buildings to net zero energy by 2040. The group reached full consensus on their recommendations to the City. The task force included representatives of offices, apartments, condos, warehouses, hotels, Xcel Energy, energy producers, affordable housing, tenant and non-profit experts, labor unions, and environment and clean energy experts. They started their process by setting guiding principles for the outcomes of their work including that it be equitable, implementable, effective, flexible, and achieve eager compliance. They met 8 times over 8 months. They built on best practices and lessons learned from other cities. They engaged with their own communities to get input on their work, and collected broader input from the community. 

Using the recommendations given by the task force, the Energize Denver performance requirements were created as a bold yet practical way to move Denver and its built environment forward in its climate goals.