Equity: Under-Resourced Buildings

The Office of Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency (CASR) is in the process of co-creating equitable resources for under-resourced buildings (URBs) over 25,000 sq.ft. These resources will support URBs in meeting their Energize Denver performance requirements. If you feel you might qualify for this support, please fill out the following form.

Under-Resourced Buildings Eligibility Application Form


Which buildings are considered URBs?

  • Market rate buildings located in NEST neighborhoods with high Social Equity and Climate Vulnerability Index
  • Buildings with affordable housing units or otherwise serving frontline communities
  • Buildings with human service/restricted income providers as tenants/owners
  • Buildings of significance to community members

Important definitions

  • Frontline communities are those that experience “first and worst” the consequences of climate change and have been underrepresented and underserved throughout the years. These include low- to medium-income communities, communities of color and indigenous people, those who speak languages other than English, people with disabilities and chronic conditions, older adults, young children, people with criminal records, LGBTQ+, and refugees and immigrants.
  • NEST neighborhoods: Denver has undergone significant change since the Great Recession of 2008-09 and emerged with one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. NEST was created to help ensure that the substantial economic, social, and cultural benefits of this success are available, and shared by, all residents. Neighborhoods classified as NEST are East Colfax, Elyria-Swansea, Globeville, Montbello, Northeast Park Hill, Sun Valley, Valverde, Villa Park, West Colfax, and Westwood.
  • Co-creation: bring people together to fulfill a goal based on input from the community
  • Human Services/Restricted-Income Providers:

Advocacy Organization

After-School Provider

Childcare Center

Community Center

Disability Service Provider

Domestic Violence Center 

Emergency Service Agency (fire, police, Red Cross)

Family Support Agency

Food Pantries

Homeless Shelter

Housing Service Provider

Immigration and Refugees Service Provider

Job Training and Workforce Development Service

Mental and Behavioral Health Facility 

Rehabilitation Provider

Senior Center

Social Service Agency (including unemployment and social security offices)

Transitional or Supportive Housing (including for teens and LGBTQ+)

Women's or Children's Shelter

Veteran Services

Other providers serving under-resourced communities

Climate change vulnerability

Certain neighborhoods in Denver are more vulnerable to climate change than others. Please click here to learn more about vulnerability to climate change in Denver. 

How will I know if my building qualifies as a URB?

Your application will be reviewed by City staff to determine if the building is eligible for additional assistance based on the following parameters:

What resources will be available?

A series of community connections are scheduled to better understand the needs of the URB community. Our goal is to co-create services and design incentives with the local community members and stakeholders to support these buildings in meeting their building performance requirements.

The following image demonstrates the process for creating services and incentives for URBs:

URB webpage design.jpeg

If you are interested in participating in these meetings, please contact CASR's Equity Administrator at Berenice.GarciaTellez@denvergov.org.

What are the benefits of Energize Denver?

Benefits for your building:

  • Increasing tenant loyalty and profits
  • Operating cost and utility bill reductions
  • Positive impacts on the environment
  • Opportunity to enhance your building brand through positive PR
  • Contributions to a thriving community

Benefits for your tenants:

  • Health benefits through improved indoor and outdoor air quality
  • Safety improvement through reduced exposure to carbon monoxide leaks
  • Improved building quality and access to cooling
  • Thriving communities
  • Economic opportunities 



CASR is implementing building performance standards to reduce energy use, improve quality of life, and create a more resilient future for ALL people living and working in Denver. This infographic (available in English and Spanish below and in PDF form(PDF, 226KB)) shows how Energize Denver can benefit your buildings, tenants, and communities. 

Infographic - Energize Denver Performance Requirements- EN.jpg


Infographic - Energize Denver Performance Requirements- SP.jpg