Under-Resourced Buildings

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Energize Denver is an important step in reducing the impact of climate change. The Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency is working with our most vulnerable communities to understand what assistance will help them most so that Energize Denver improves the lives of our most vulnerable communities.  

What is an Under-Resourced Building?  

The city determines Under-Resourced Buildings based on a variety of measures. You may qualify for additional assistance in complying with Energize Denver, the city’s building performance standards for existing buildings, if your building:  

  • Is located in Denver’s NEST neighborhoods with a high prioritization ranking on the Under-Resourced Building equity index
  • Has affordable housing units or otherwise serving frontline communities 
  • Has human service providers as tenants/owners
  • Is of significance to community members with a high prioritization ranking on the Under-Resourced Building equity index
  • Is located in a in a Census tract below the Denver median income and/or with a high prioritization ranking on the Under-Resourced Building equity index, serving frontline communities
  • Is located in a Census tract with a high prioritization ranking on the under-resourced building equity index with affordable rents (below 1/3 of the monthly Denver median income) 

If you feel you might qualify, fill out an application form and Denver's Office of Climate Action, Sustainability and Resiliency will contact you about your options.  

Under-Resourced Buildings Eligibility Application Form

What are Frontline Communities?  

Frontline communities are groups that face the effects of climate change at higher rates than those with more power. Frontline communities have less access to health, income, and resources. These communities include:  

  • Low- to medium-income communities
  • Communities of color
  • Indigenous people 
  • Those who speak languages other than English 
  • People with disabilities and chronic conditions 
  • Older adults
  • Young children 
  • People with criminal records
  • The LGBTQ+ community
  • Refugees and immigrants 
  • Undocumented community members 

People who have had less access to wealth, resources, and political power also have less ability to adapt to a changing climate. These communities are our priority as we work to make Denver more sustainable and resilient.  

What are Human Service Providers?  

Simply put, Human Services are organizations, groups, and institutions that help people meet their basic needs, such as homeless shelters, food pantries, or senior centers.

Your organization might be considered a human services provider if it is a(n)...

  • Advocacy Organization 
  • After-School Provider 
  • Childcare Center 
  • Community Center 
  • Disability Service Provider 
  • Domestic Violence Center 
  • Emergency Service Agency (fire, police, Red Cross) 
  • Family Support Agency 
  • Food Pantry 
  • Homeless Shelter 
  • Housing Service Provider 
  • Immigration and Refugees Service Provider 
  • Job Training and Workforce Development Service 
  • Mental and Behavioral Health Facility 
  • Rehabilitation Provider 
  • Senior Center 
  • Social Service Agency (including unemployment and social security offices) 
  • Transitional or Supportive Housing (including for teens and LGBTQ+) 
  • Women's or Children's Shelter 
  • Veteran Services 
  • Other providers serving under-resourced communities  


Community Connections: Designing our Services

Between April and November 2022, we held a series of community meetings, virtual listening sessions and one-on-one conversations. We talked to building owners, managers, tenants, community leaders, and critical external stakeholders in the Under-Resourced Building community. Our goal was to build trust with the community, gather insights and feedback directly from the people who will use our additional services, and identify critical resources that the community is missing. Together with the groups we met with, we were able to hear directly from the community and co-create a plan for services and incentives that will help Under-Resourced Buildings meet their Performance Requirements.


What resources are available for Under-Resourced Buildings? 

After reviewing your application, we will offer you technical services and assistance based on the under-resourced building criteria, your Energize Denver performance target, your equity index score and other information in your application. Qualified buildings will be able to access services and support in February 2023. 

What other resources are available?

Partner Resources for Buildings


Resources for Tenants


Tools to Help You Find Energy Rebates