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Our office is proud to offer FraudSleuth™: a property alert monitoring service. You can access this service via our records management system, Kofile

Property owners can set up their profile(s) online and receive alerts if a document is recorded against the information included in their profile.

Our goal is to offer added protection to our residents and their properties and prevent the loss of time, money and peace of mind associated with correcting a deed, lien, and mortgage due to fraud.

With FraudSleuth™, property owners can take a proactive step in combating property fraud and monitoring property recording activities. 

Note you MUST open an account AND create a FraudSleuth™ profile in order to activate alerts.

Note: FraudSleuth will only notify you of any NEW records that match your search parameters. Historic documents are not included in FraudSleuth reports.

Basic Search

Basic FraudSleuth

The Basic FraudSleuth is a simplified names search that allows you to search documents recorded under your name. The intent is to allow you to identify potential cases where documents have been fraudulently filed. It is a simple search where you can only search by name. You cannot see images in the results, only the document information.

Step 1.Access the Search

You can access this search from the login screen by clicking on the FraudSleuth icon: 

screenshot of fraudsleuth icon

Step 2.Enter Search Criteria

 Once you click the icon, the search screen will appear.

screenshot of fraudsleuth search

Step 3.Log Out 

When finished, you will need to log out to be directed back to the county login screen.

Profile Setup

FraudSleuth Profiles

You can also set up profiles to receive email notifications when a profile name is matched with a new document (existing documents will not trigger an email). An email will be sent to you and the county office when there is a match.

A match is defined by meeting the exact criteria of a saved, active profile and the document being one that you could find in a regular search, i.e., not restricted by permission, document status, etc. Basically, if you can find the document via a regular search, it will be a match. If not, there is no match.

Step 1.Set up user preferences 

You will need a user account and cannot log in as Guest. To set up the profile, log in with your user and click on Preferences. On the Edit User Preferences screen, go to the section ‘FraudSleuth Preferences’. The section will look like this before any profiles have been created:

screenshot showing unconfigured fraudsleuth profile

Step 2.Create a profile 

Click on the ‘Configure FraudSleuth Profile’ link.  Use the buttons on the upper right on the Configure FraudSleuth Profile screen to create (Add Profile) and remove (Remove Profile) profiles. 

When creating a profile, remember that the name you enter is what FraudSleuth will match exactly.  Create multiple profiles if you want to cover different name variations – first/last, first/middle/last, first/middle initial/last, etc.   

screenshot showing profile setup prompts

The created profiles will be listed on the Configure FraudSleuth Profile screen.

Step 3.Delete a profile 

You can highlight a profile and delete it by selecting the Remove Profile icon: 

screenshot showing active profile list and removal buttons

Step 4.Deactivate a profile 

You can also just deactivate a profile if you don’t want to delete it, but don’t want to include it as a trigger. Click on the profile name and uncheck the ‘Profile Active’ box: 

screenshot showing how to deactivate a profile

When a match is found, an email will be sent to you and the county.


Questions and Answers

How much does it cost to use FraudSleuth™?

There are no fees to use FraudSleuth™. It is a free tool powered by Kofile to help possibly detect fraudulent activity within the land records managed and maintained by the Denver Office of the Clerk and Recorder’s office.

How will I receive alerts?

Once a FraudSleuth™ profile is created, alerts will be sent by email to the address associated with the user account.

How long will I receive alerts?

Alerts will be received until cancelled by the user.

Will I receive alerts for other properties I own in other Colorado counties?

No, alerts would only be issued for documents recorded in the Denver Office of the Clerk and Recorder’s office.

Is it possible I may receive an alert which does not pertain to me?

Yes, this can occur if you have a common name, and a document is recorded with your name. If you see a report in your name for a property you do not own, it is most likely simply a matter of someone with the same name recording a document for their own property. However, if you suspect the document to be fraudulent, contact the Denver Police Department for assistance.

What if I receive an alert for a document which should not be recorded against my name or property?

In the event that fraud is suspected, contact the Denver Police Department for assistance.