Denver Clerk Applauds Governor Polis for Signing of SB 24-210

Published on June 07, 2024

DENVER, CO City and County of Denver Clerk Paul López sent an open letter to Governor Jared Polis on Thursday, June 6, applauding the signing of Senate Bill 24-210 which authorizes the modification to laws regarding elections, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

The bill essentially allows for the cleanup of election language, which would in turn allow local election officials to improve elections security, streamline improvement processes identified by elections officials during elections, and improve compliance with the federal government. The bill came after two years of stake holding between county clerks across the state, election policy advocates, and state legislators. It passed with bipartisan support.

“At a time when bipartisanship is but a word in our country, it is best upheld by—and is indeed the mantra of—county clerks and the elections offices they oversee. Senate Bill 24-210 embodies this notion. Again, thank you for signing this bill and helping us continue to uphold faith in our democracy,” Clerk López says in part of his letter.

You can see the full letter here.

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