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Coronavirus Relief Funding 

 (Report: July 2021 | Release)

Homeless Services 

(Follow-up Report: April 2019  | 2021 Audit Plan)

Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program

(Report: November 2020)

Contractor Minimum Wage

(Release: July 2021)

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Grant Follow-up

(Report: July 2021 | Press Release)

Denver County Jail Building 24 Buildout Contract

(Report: June 2021  | Press Release)

IT Disaster Recovery Follow-up

(Report: May 2021  | Press Release)

Denver Policing Reform

Records Management Audit

(Report: May 2021 | Press Release)

Westin Hotel Revenue Follow-up Report

(Report: April 2021 | Press Release)

Board of Ethics Audit

(Report: February 2020)

Subpoena Ordinance

CARES Act Funding

Compensation Setting Analysis

(Report: February 2021 | Release)

Denver Art Museum

 (Report: January 2021 | Release)

Contract Procurement Practices Follow-Up

 (Report: January 2021 | Release)

Denver Labor and Minimum Wage

(Release: January 1, 2021)


Airport Capital Assets

(Report: December 2020(PDF, 7MB))

Sidewalk Repair Program

(Report: November 2020(PDF, 8MB))

November Follow-ups

(November Reports(PDF, 1MB))

Caring For Denver

(Report: October 2020(PDF, 2MB))

Prevailing Wage Determinations Audit

(Report: September 2020(PDF, 2MB))

Data Centers

(Report: January 2019(PDF, 17MB) | Follow-up: September 2020(PDF, 1MB))

Worker’s Compensation

(Report: October 2018(PDF, 5MB) | Follow-up: September 2020(PDF, 1MB))

Employment Services Cluster Grants

(Report: August 2020(PDF, 2MB))

Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant

(Report: August 2020(PDF, 4MB))

Syringe Access and Sharps Disposal

(Report August 2020(PDF, 4MB))

Airport Security

(Report: September 2018(PDF, 2MB) | Follow-up: August 2020(PDF, 1MB))

Minority/ Women and/ or Disadvantaged Business Program

(Report: June 2020(PDF, 2MB))

Library Financial Processes

(Report: June 2020(PDF, 3MB))

Safety and Security of City Facilities

(Report: June 2020(PDF, 3MB))

City Real Estate Portfolio Practices

(Report: May 2020(PDF, 3MB))

Open Records

(Report: May 2020(PDF, 3MB))

Marijuana Taxation

(Report April 2020(PDF, 3MB))

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Grant

(Report March 2020(PDF, 4MB))

Board of Ethics and Clerk and Recorder’s Office

 (Report: February 2020(PDF, 3MB)):

Denver Labor

Minimum Wage

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Denver Preschool Program

(Report October 2019 - Release)

DIA Accounts Receivable

(Report September 2019 - Release)

Property Tax Spending for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

(Report August 2019 - Release)

Preserving Affordable Housing

(Report August 2019 - Release)

Minimum Wage Enforcement

(July 2019 - Release)

Contract Procurement Processes

(Report June 2019 - Release)

Auditor Profile

Homeless Services

(Report Apr 18 - Release)

Workday User Access Controls

(Report April 18 | Follow-up report)

Jail Safety

(Report Mar 21 - Release)

Westin Hotel Revenue

(Report Feb 21 - Release Feb 21 - Release July 8)

Other News

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