Auditor O’Brien Pleased to Accept Top Auditing Award

Published on April 01, 2022

Auditors who worked on the Airport Parking Shuttle System audit

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DENVER – The Denver Auditor’s Office produced one of the top local government audit reports in the country, once again. The Association of Local Government Auditors shared the winners of the 2022 Knighton Awards, including a Distinguished Knighton Award for our audit of Denver International Airport’s parking shuttle system.

“My office’s professionalism and adherence to the best practices of top-quality auditing is unquestionable,” Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, said. “Awards like this matter because they show our community that our peers across the country have looked at our methods and results. The people of Denver deserve the best work from those of us who serve in government.”

The Association of Local Government Auditors represents audit shops across the U.S. and in Canada. The organization says the Knighton Award "recognizes the best performance audit reports of the year."

Audits are judged in categories against reports from other audit organizations of similar size. Criteria for top reports includes:

  • The potential for significant impact and responsiveness to the needs and concerns of decision-makers and/or the public.
  • Conclusions that are persuasive, logical, and firmly supported by the evidence, which was gathered using appropriate research methods and tools.
  • Recommendations that are feasible and will make government programs more effective and efficient.
  • Results that are communicated clearly and concisely.

While we perform our work on behalf of everyone who cares about Denver — not just to win awards — national recognition from our peers validates our methods, professionalism, and results. Our community can rest assured that our audits are rooted in fact, extensive research and analysis, and auditing best practices.
The “Airport Parking Shuttle System” audit found airport managers weren’t doing enough to ensure the shuttles running from parking lots to the terminals are on time and that the company running them isn’t overcharging. For a three-year period, the shuttles were frequently late entering the parking lots. Neither the airport nor the vendor was effectively monitoring customer complaints. And the process to award the airport shuttle contract wasn’t competitive enough.

National judges said: "The Auditors employed a sound methodology that included both qualitative and quantitative tools to identify areas of non-compliance, inefficiencies, and improvement opportunities. The report was thorough, well documented, and logically connected the findings, causes, and recommendations."
The auditors who worked on this report included Audit Manager Sonia Montano, Audit Manager Vilma Balnyte, Lead Auditor Shaun Wysong, Lead Auditor Chris Wilson, and Lead Auditor Rhianna Hruska. Audit Director Dawn Wiseman oversaw the project.

“I am proud of my expert team and the hard work they put in to every audit we do,” Auditor O’Brien said.
This is the fifth time since Auditor O’Brien took office that the Association of Local Government Auditors has recognized our work with an annual Knighton award:

  • 2021 Knighton Distinguished Award – Airport Parking Shuttle System
  • 2020 Knighton Exemplary Award – Neighborhood Sidewalk Repair Program
  • 2019 Knighton Distinguished Award – Denver Preschool Program
  • 2018 Knighton Distinguished Award – Affordable Housing
  • 2015 Knighton Exemplary Award – Rocky Mountain Human Services

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