Employment Services Cluster Grants Follow-up

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We found Denver Economic Development & Opportunity fully implemented both recommendations and mitigated all risks identified during the original audit. As a result, we conclude our follow-up effort related to the “Employment Services Cluster Grants” audit.

Because Denver Economic Development & Opportunity implemented the recommendations, it can ensure it submits employment services grant reports on time to the state so that the state can monitor grant spending and verify the city is following federal requirements. In addition, because Economic Development is now properly justifying expenditures paid for with the grant money, it can ensure the money is being spent on allowable employment programs that help Denver residents find work.

 Recommendations proposed in August 2020 to Denver Economic Development & Opportunity to


Auditor's Letter

September 2, 2021

In keeping with generally accepted government auditing standards and Auditor’s Office policy, as authorized by city ordinance, the Audit Services Division has a responsibility to monitor and follow up on audit recommendations to ensure city agencies address audit findings through appropriate corrective action and to aid us in planning future audits.

In our follow-up effort for the “Employment Services Cluster Grants” audit report issued in August 2020, we determined Denver Economic Development & Opportunity fully implemented all recommendations it agreed to in the original audit report.

The Highlights page in this report provides background and summary information about the original audit and the completed follow-up effort. Following the Highlights page is a detailed implementation status update for each recommendation.

I would like to express our sincere appreciation to the personnel in Denver Economic Development & Opportunity who assisted us throughout the audit and the follow-up process. For any questions, please feel free to contact me at 720-913-5000.

Denver Auditor,

Auditor's Signature
Timothy O'Brien, CPA




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