Wildlife and Pest Control

Does Denver Animal Shelter respond to calls for wildlife?

Denver Animal Shelter - Denver Animal Protection responds to calls regarding wildlife if the animal is sick or injured. Please do not call if the conflict is simply "nuisance" in nature.

For other issues pertaining to wildlife, such as keeping wild animals off your property, see the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website or contact Colorado Parks & Wildlife at 303-291-7227.

Does Denver Animal Shelter provide pest control services?

Denver Animal Shelter - Denver Animal Protection does not provide any pest control services. 

The City and County of Denver Department of Public Health and Environment - Environmental Quality Division maintains a mosquito larvae surveillance program intended to minimize the adult mosquito population and thus the occurrence of West Nile virus. The city does not spray or contract for the spraying of adult mosquitoes. For more information regarding the mosquito larvae surveillance program, visit the Environmental Quality Division - Water Quality page or contact the Environmental Quality Division at 720-865-5452.

For other pest control related problems, contact a local pest control company.