Federico Peña Reflects on Imagining a Great City

While Federico Peña’s impact on the city of Denver extends from spearheading the creation of Denver International Airport to bringing the Colorado Rockies to town, he says he’s most proud of opening the doors of City Hall to a community that had been excluded.

Peña talks about the death threats he received when elected in 1983 and the challenges of being the city’s first Latino mayor as well as what he and his team accomplished over two terms in office.

His message: It took hard work and years of struggle, but the people of Denver came together to make it happen. And it’s up to us to do the same for future generations.

Peña went on to serve as Secretary of Transportation and Secretary of Energy under President Bill Clinton. He later served as President Barack Obama’s National Campaign Co-Chair.

I Am Denver sat down with the former mayor to discuss the importance of preserving Latino/Chicano history in the city and to take a look back at his legacy.

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