Network Coffee House Offers Safe Space for Unhoused Residents

Through word of mouth, people experiencing homelessness in Denver have been welcomed with open arms to the Network Coffee House in Capitol Hill since 1982. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, they started providing lunch, warm clothes and toiletries, too.
“Our primary mission: Let’s just create a safe space for people to come and feel dignified -- that they are worthy,”  said Ryan Taylor, the Executive Director of Network. “It’s extremely important if there’s going to be any movement, any progress in our city, to have places where we’re seeing one another. That’s what it’s all about here.”
I Am Denver visited with Taylor and his staff as they served coffee and hot dogs on a cold Tuesday in February.
“After a while what drives you is the relationship and being in community together,” Taylor said. “You know, we’re a little different around here. I think the trans community, the queer community, feels at home here. It’s come as you are. We accept you as you are.” 
If you’re interested in helping out with supplies, head to the Network Coffee House.
Video produced and edited by Amanda Zitzman.