International Rescue Committee Helps Refugees Call Denver Home

When refugees arrive in the United States, simple tasks most of us take for granted — like getting the mail, grocery shopping and using public transportation — can feel daunting and unnerving.

The Denver office of the International Rescue Committee provides a range of services to help refugees, asylum seekers, survivors of torture, human trafficking victims and many others rebuild new lives in a new city.

"The International Rescue Committee helps people who have been displaced or have had their lives uprooted by conflict or disaster to find safety and recover and regain control of their future," said Executive Director Jennifer Wilson. "We operate in more than 40 countries around the world and we have 28 offices in the US right now." 

From providing housing and jobs to learning how to use the bus and meet their neighbors, a big part of IRC’s efforts is teaching clients how to integrate into our community.

Wilson spoke to I Am Denver about the organization's efforts in assisting Afghans and how the public can help the Denver office of the IRC, which was founded in 2016.