A Look Inside the Historic Schulz-Neef House in Whittier

From a former brewer to Colorado’s first African American female news anchor, Reynelda Muse, many have called the Schulz-Neef house a home through the years. In fact, many in the area still refer to the home as the “Reynelda Muse house” even though she hasn’t lived there in over three decades. For current owner, Gary Kleiner, the house "has a soul." 

Kleiner gave I Am Denver a tour of his home, which he has shared with his wife Linda since 2006. In 2007, they received approval for the home to be landmarked.

“You feel like you’re a part of a continuum of history,” Kleiner said when reflecting on what it’s like living in this Denver landmark home that’s 140 years old.

I Am Denver also spoke to former owner Reynelda Muse by phone and she said she has fond memories of her family’s time living in Whittier from 1974 to 1988.

Photo Gallery: Schulz-Neef Landmark Home

Images provided by Reynelda Muse.

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