Nettie Moore: A Community Activist Devoted to Improving West Colfax

As a resident of the same West Denver neighborhood since 1927, Nettie Moore can truly say she’s seen it all. And she has several thick binders bursting with historic photos, old newspaper clippings and hand-written letters to prove it. But Nettie’s life story is remarkable not only because of the whopping changes she’s seen in the last nine decades, but rather because of her steadfast commitment to projects that have made a lasting difference in her neighborhood. A long-time community activist, she’s known for speaking up for her neighbors and their needs. She has been the recipient of numerous awards for her advocacy work and even has a city park named after her.

“I always told people I'm lady every step of the way, but I think like a man. So I've gotten a lot of respect through the years,” says Nettie. “Whether it’s Michael Hancock, [John] Hickenlooper, [Wellington] Webb or anybody that’s ran Denver throughout the years, I guess I’ve been there, done that and seen it all.”

Back in 2019, Nettie sat down with I A Denver to share her notebooks, to discuss her life’s work and why she believes it’s so important to get involved in your own community.