Food License Types

Denver's Department of Excise and Licenses issues all food licenses for the City and County of Denver and employs inspectors to check for compliance of the Denver Revised Municipal Code and Colorado State Statutes. The department provides step by step instructions, forms and training videos for new applications and renewals. 

All food licenses must be submitted and processed online. After July 2023, current license holders will apply for a "new" license (not a "renewal" license), as the new system will not have a record of their current license. During this transition, the one-time application fee for new applications will be waived for existing licensees, but the license fee will still apply.

Retail & Wholesale Licenses


Denver is proud to have fun, creative events that showcase diversity across our neighborhoods throughout the city. Events open to the public, held on public property, must compete a Special Event Application. Vendors at any special event must be licensed, and event organizers are responsible for ensuring compliance with Office of Special Events Permit (OSEP) requirements.