Upcoming Projects

Professional Services (Projected) 

Q2 2021

East Colfax Improvements

  • TBD.  Goal: TBD


Q3 2021


Q4 2021

HSIP Alameda Medians

  • The HSIP - Alameda Avenue Vision Zero Safety Project will utilize the CDOT Grant funding to design and construct various roadway improvements along the corridor from Eliot Street to Pecos Street. These improvements will include construction of raised-curb medians between Eliot Street and Zuni Street and between Tejon Street and Pecos Street.  Goal: TBD

Safer Main Streets Mississippi

  • The Safer Main Streets - Mississippi Avenue Vision Zero Safety Project will utilize the CDOT Grant funding to design and construct various roadway improvements that will include three main parts: the removal of one through lane in each direction while generally maintaining the existing two-way left turn lane and auxiliary turn lanes at intersections; a raised-curb median will be constructed between Dale Court and Clay Street to restrict movements from the side-streets while still allowing left turns from Mississippi Ave to southbound Dale Court and northbound Clay Street; construction of bulb out curb extensions at Zuni Street, Raritan Street and Quivas Street to shorten the pedestrian crossing distance across Mississippi Ave.  Goal: TBD

Swansea Rec Center Pool

  • This project is the initial Basis of Design Phase for the addition of approximately 20,000 SF of building to include an indoor pool and other auxiliary and support services associated with the expanded programming such as office, dressing rooms, storage, and chemical rooms.  Goal: TBD

Construction Services (Projected)

Q2 2021

Iowa Underpass

  • This project includes sidewalk improvements, retaining wall modifications, and modifications of existing features for ADA compliance. The project includes Federal funds, will require environmental (NEPA) compliance, and coordination with the adjacent golf course. Design and construction will be required.  Goal: TBD

Passenger Amenity Program - Montbello Bus Stop Improvements

  • This project will implement various improvements to multiple bus stop types within the priority neighborhoods of Globeville, Elyria Swansea, and Montbello. Improved bus stops will include constructing and installing amenities such as: ADA access to stops, passenger boarding concrete pads, shelters, benches, trash cans, and transit information displays.  Goal: TBD

Police District 5 Replacement

  • Address deficiencies at current District 5 station with a new build.  Goal: TBD

Safe Routes To School - Cole

  • The project includes upgrades to sidewalks along the north side of Iowa Avenue and at the intersection of the Santa Fe & Iowa. The project will also include removal of existing staircases, installation of ADA compliant ramps, alterations or new installation of retaining walls, possible ROW acquisition and lighting improvements as necessary.  Goal: TBD 

Tennessee & Oneida Storm

  • This project will construct Phase 1 of the Tennessee and Oneida project.  Goal: TBD

WQ REG Heron Pond-Carpio Sanguinette Park Phase 1B

  • Civil construction of a new regional water quality facility on the 52nd and Emerson property purchased through Wastewater Enterprise funds in 2011.  Master Planning efforts with the neighborhood finished in the fall 2017 with a preferred concept selected for the 52nd and Emerson parcel as well as the neighboring Northside Park, Heron Pond, and Heller Open Space.  This effort will focus on the preliminary and final design of the water quality and park facility. Goal: TBD

WQ SSC Federal Blvd - Alameda to Mississippi 

  • In collaboration with Forestry, Transportation & Mobility, and The Little Saigon BID, this project will design and implement Ultra-Urban streetside stormwater planters to provide water quality management for up to 18.5 acres of impervious right-of-way.  The design will also include extensive street tree plantings outside of the WQ facilities to enhance overall streetscape for this stretch of Federal Blvd.  Goal: TBD

Westwood Recreation Center

  • This project includes land acquisition, design services and construction of a new recreation center in the Westwood neighborhood of Denver.  Goal: TBD

Q3 2021

Blair-Caldwell Branch Library Renovation

  • The library wants to ensure that the Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library continues to be a welcoming and useful facility that serves the Five Points Denver neighborhood well for generations to come and continue to be a stellar historical and cultural center for African Americans in the Rocky Mountain West. While keeping the integrity of the design, Blair-Caldwell requires significant changes in order to provide the vibrant and evolving community with current and future library services. Only available to SBE Contractors.  Goal: TBD

Citywide Sidewalk - McAuliffe Safe Routes to School CD8 (6 Seg)

  • The purpose of this team will be to work with CDOT to implement infrastructure changes to McAuliffee Elementary per CDOT grant requirements. Project includes: 1/2 mile of sidewalk with enhanced pedestrian crossing at 23rd Avenue/Kearney Street. Conceptual Designs were completed for the sidewalks and 30% plans are done for 23rd and Kearney. Will be working with Design Consultant to complete design of project components, under go CDOT and ERA review process, once design is complete, will procure for contractor for construction. 
  • Project Description/Components of Grant: 

    • 1.5 mile of sidewalk  

    • 14 ADA-Compliant curb ramps

    • East 23rd Avenue and Kearney Street painted crosswalk, two pedestrian safety islands, ( 30% design already completed ) 

    • Enhanced signage and lighting  

  • Goal: TBD

General Sanitary - 29th and Speer Blvd 

  • This project is an open-cut sanitary improvement project in the vicinity of 29th Ave and Speer Boulevard.  Goal: TBD 

HSIP 2018 Pkg 2: Fed @ 38th/Exposition/Kentucky/Mississippi/Jewell/; CO/MLK 

  • Includes rebuilt traffic signals and intersection improvements at Colorado Blvd & MLK Blvd, and 5 Locations along Federal Blvd: 38th Ave, Exposition Ave, Kentucky Ave, Mississippi Ave, & Jewell Ave.  New signals will be built to City and County of Denver Standards, and intersection improvements may include but are not limited to ADA accessible curb ramps, sidewalks, curb and gutter, and any necessary drainage work. Goal: TBD

Mill Levy 16A: Capitol Hill - 13th Ave and 14th Ave 

  • The overall objective of this project is the redesign and reconstruction of the traffic signals and intersections of two major corridors within the City and County of Denver –  13th Avenue, and 14th Avenue. There are a total of six  (6) traffic signals is this project and the locations of these traffic signals upgrade are at the following intersections
  • 6 Signals: 13th at: Clarkson, Corona, Downing, 14th at: Clarkson, Washington, Pearl.  Goal: TBD

Q4 2021

General Storm - Bowles Ditch Separation 

  • This general storm project is to address flooding issues in southwest Denver.  Goal: TBD 

South Broadway Corridor Multi-Modal Transportation Improvements Project 

  • Develop a two-way enhanced bicycle facility concept design (10-30 % design, aerial-based plans) for the Broadway corridor (I-25 to 16th) to educate the public, including cyclists, residents, and business owners and their employees, of the challenges and opportunities associated with developing a multi-modal corridor. This should include cross sections that indicate the scope of the improvements including: signal and intersection modifications, signage and striping changes, parking, bikeway and transit improvements.  Goal: TBD

Q1 2022

General Storm - Antero Peak 

  • This is a General Storm project to address local drainage issues.  Goal: TBD

Q2 2022

E. 16th Avenue System Phase 2 

  • The E 16th Avenue Street System - Phase 2 is a large storm system in Batavia Pl from 17th Ave to approximately Dahlia St.  Goal: TBD 

Jackson St Storm Phase 2 

  • The Jackson St Storm Phase 2 project is a large storm system that extends from 14th Ave and Jackson Street to near Hale Parkway along Colorado Blvd or Albion St.  Goal: TBD