Most Recent RFP and RFQ Updates

Most Recent RFP and RFQ Updates

RFP: Five Points Neighborhood Temporary Street Mural

Awarded to Esoteric Art LLC and Cya the Creator.

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RFQ: Integrated Accessibility Construction Services

Awarded to GH Phipps Construction Company

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RFQ: HSIP FY 2024 Colorado Blvd & Alameda Ave

Awarded to Stanley Consultants, Inc.

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RFQ: Design-Build Services - 56th Avenue Widening: Peoria St. to Peña Blvd.

Awarded to Ames Construction, Inc.

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RFQ: Denver Engaged and Active Communities

Awarded to Denver Streets Partnership

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RFQ: 16th Street Mall Design-Build Project

Awarded to PCL Construction Services, Inc.

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RFP: Professional Management Services - Parking Management of City Lots and Garages

Awarded to SP Plus Corporation

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RFP: 2021 Contract Hauling Services

J&K Trucking LLC was direct selected

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RFP: CM/GC Services - Broadway at I-25 Multimodal/Safety Improvements

Awarded to Kraemer North America

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RFQ: Architectural and Engineering Professional Services for Westwood Recreation Center

Awarded to Anderson Mason Dale Architects PC

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RFQ: Jewell / Evans Station Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge Project

Awarded to Wilson & Company, Inc. Engineers & Architects

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RFQ: Professional Planning Services - Transit Speed, Reliability Network Programming and Concept Design

Awarded to Consor Engineers, LLC (formerly known as Apex Design)

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RFQ: CM/GC Services for National Western Center Livestock Center Project

  • Awarded to Whiting-Turner

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RFQ: Professional Engineering Design Services for West Colfax Pedestrian and Transit Improvements Project

Awarded to Muller Engineering Company, Inc.

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RFQ: Professional Design Services Ruby Hill - Phase 3 Design

Awarded to Design Workshop, Inc.

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RFP and RFQ Updates

RFQ: Design-Build Services for Colorado Convention Center Expansion

Awarded to:

  • Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

RFQ: 2020 General Civil On-Call Construction (SBE)

Awarded to:

  • Keene Concrete, Inc.
  • Premier Services, Inc.
  • Sky Blue Builders, LLC

RFQ: Federal Boulevard Transit Speed and Reliability Improvement Project

Awarded to:

  • Apex Design, PC

RFQ: Denver Police Station District 6 Relocation

Awarded to:

  • Roth Sheppard Architect

RFQ: 2020 On-Call Professional Services

Awarded to:

  • ACL, Inc. – Category 7
  • AECOM Technical Services, Inc. – Category 2
  • All Traffic Data Services, LLC – Category 8
  • Apex Design, PC – Categories 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
  • Atkins North America, Inc. – Categories 1, 7, 13
  • Alfred Benesch & Company – Category 1
  • Calderon Hispanic Marketing LLC – Category 11
  • CDM Smith Inc. – Category 10, 13
  • CDR Associates – Category 11
  • Communication Infrastructure Group LLC – Category 11
  • Collins Engineers of Illinois, Inc. – Category 3
  • David Evans and Associates, Inc. – Categories 1, 2
  • DHM Design Corporation – Category 10
  • Enginuity Engineering Solutions, LLC – Category 12
  • Fehr & Peers – Categories 5, 6
  • Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, Inc. – Category 1
  • Fox Tuttle Transportation Group – Category 4
  • Fuse Communication Limited – Category 11
  • GBSM, Inc. – Category 11
  • Goodbee & Associates, Inc. – Category 9
  • Harris Kocher Engineering Group, Inc. – Category 9
  • HDR Engineering, Inc. – Categories 3, 4, 5, 6
  • HNTB Holdings Ltd – Category 13
  • Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc. – Categories 2, 9, 13
  • KCI Technologies, Inc. – Category 9
  • Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. – Category 4
  • Livable Cities Studio, Inc. – Category 10
  • Mead and Hunt, Inc. – Category 6
  • Merrick & Company – Category 12
  • Michael Baker International, Inc. – Categories 1, 3, 7, 12
  • Muller Engineering Company, Inc. – Categories 1, 7, 12
  • Nelson/ Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc. – Categories 5, 6, 8
  • Olsson, Inc. – Category 12
  • Ordonez and Vogelsang, LLC – Category 5
  • RESPEC Company, LLC – Category 12
  • Rocksol Consulting Group, Inc. – Category 1
  • Stanley Consultants, Inc. – Category 7
  • Stantec Consulting Services Inc. – Categories 3, 12
  • Stolfus and Associates, Inc. – Category 4
  • Stream Design, LLC – Category 10
  • Toole Design Group, LLC – Categories 4, 5
  • Triunity, Inc. – Categories 9, 13
  • Wenk Associates, Inc. – Category 10
  • Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects – Categories 1, 2, 12
  • WSP USA Inc. – Categories 2, 5, 13
  • Y2K Engineering, LLC. – Categories 4, 5

RFQ: 48th Avenue Storm - Globeville

Awarded to:

  •  Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects

RFQ: Land Survey Professional Services On-Call

Awarded to:

  • Farnsworth Group, Inc.
  • HCL Engineering & Surveying
  • Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.
  • Woolpert, Inc.

RFQ: Connecting Auraria Design Project

Awarded to:

  •  Wilson & Company, Inc., Engineers & Architects

RFQ: Shared Micromobility Services

Awarded to:

  • Lime
  • Lyft

RFQ: On-Call Professional Services for CCD Denver Strategic Transportation Plan Project

Awarded to:

  • Cambridge Systematics, Inc.

RFQ: 2020 Large General Civil On-Call Construction

Awarded to:

  • Ames Construction Inc.
  • Concrete Express, Inc. dba CEI
  • Flatiron Constructors, Inc.
  • Graham Contracting Ltd.
  • Hamilton Construction Co.
  • Iron Woman Construction and Environmental Services, LLC
  • Kraemer North America, LLC
  • Lawrence Construction
  • PLC Construction Services, Inc.
  • SEMA Construction, Inc.

RFQ: Professional Planning Services - Denver Moves: Transit Phase 2

Awarded to:

  • Nelson/Nygaard Consulting Associates, Inc.

RFQ: Colfax Transit Implementation – Bus Rapid Transit

Awarded to:

  • Parsons Transportation Group, Inc.

RFQ: Professional Design Services - 5280 Loop on 21st Street Design

Awarded to Stantec Architecture

RFQ: CM/GC Services - Denver Public Library Central Library Renovations

Awarded to GH Phipps

RFQ: Professional Engineering Services - Sanitary Sewer Master Plan

Awarded to Black & Veatch Corporation

RFQ: 56th Avenue Widening - Peoria Blvd to Pena Blvd

Awarded to David Evans and Associates

RFQ: National Western Center Livestock Center

Populous was selected.

RFQ: Community Network Bikeway Planning Services

The following firms were awarded contracts:

  • Apex Design
  • Fehr & Peers
  • OV Consulting

RFQ: Blair-Caldwell Library Renovation Design

Handprint Architecture was selected.

RFQ: On-Call Program Management Services

Rider Levett Bucknall will be offered the opportunity to negotiate with the City for the On-Call Program Management contract to support the Colorado Convention Center Expansion.

RFQ: CM/GC - Byers and Smiley Branch Libraries

Interlock Construction Corp. was selected.

RFQ: Architectural and Engineering Design for Denver Police Station District 5 Replacement

Awarded to Handprint Architecture.

RFQ: CM/GC Services Equestrian Center and Parking Garage

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company has been selected.

RFQ: Architectural and Engineering Services, Congress Park Pool Renovation & Green Valley Ranch Rec Center Expansion

Perkins & Will has been chosen for design services.

RFQ: On-Call Professional Structural Engineering Services

The following firms were approved:

  • Benesh 
  • J F Sato 
  • Jirsa Hedrick 
  • Martin Martin 
  • Short Elliott Hendrickson

RFP: Integrated Mechanical Services for Deferred Maintenance Project

Awarded to Murphy Company

RFQ: On-Call Hearing Officer for Department of Public Works

The awarded firm on this project is Hoffmann, Parker, Wilson & Carberry, P.C.

RFQ: Design Services for Denver Central Library Renovations

Studiotrope Design Collective was selected.

RFQ: Architectural and Engineering Professional Services - Equestrian Center and Parking Garage

Populous was selected.

RFQ: General Contractors Construction On-Call

The following 11 contractors were awarded a contract:

  • FCI Constructor, Inc.
  • Gerald H. Phipps, Inc.
  • Gilmore Construction Corporation
  • Halcyon Construction, Inc.
  • Haselden Construction, LLC
  • Interlock Construction Corp
  • Krische Construction, Inc
  • Mark Young Construction, Inc
  • Swinerton Builders
  • Turner Construction Company
  • Wilderness Construction Co

RFQ: On-Call Bridge and Structural Construction Services

The following firms were selected: 

SEMA Construction
ABCO Contracting, Inc.
JMG Concrete Services LLC
Structures Inc.
Hallmark, Inc.

RFQ: Planning and Design Engineering Services for Peoria Street Multimodal Improvements

The contract has been awarded to AECOM.

RFQ: Design Services for Byers and Smiley Branch Library Renovations

Final Consultant Selection for the Byers and Smiley Branch Libraries Renovation, PRO GO2018Bond2018-015 and 016: Studiotrope Design Collective

RFQ: CM/GC Services South Stockyards and Stockyards Event Center

Adolfson & Peterson Construction has been selected.

RFQ: Construction Manager General Contractor (CM/GC) Services for NWC Maintenance and Operations Facility Renovation

G.H. Phipps was selected.


RFP: 2018 SBE On-Call Construction Services

The following contractors were awarded a contract:

  • Gilmore Construction
  • Halycon Construction
  • Interlock Construction
  • Wilderness Construction

RFQ: Washington St. from S. Platte River to E. 52nd Ave

Awarded to Tsiouvaras Simmons Holderness.

RFQ: Professional Architectural and Engineering Design Services - NWC Stockyards and Stockyard Event Center and Stockyards Design

HKS Architects, Inc. was selected.

RFQ: NWC Maintenance and Operations Facility Renovation Design

Short Elliot Hendrickson has been selected for this project award.