Citizens' Police Academy

The Citizens' Police Academy (CPA) is an multi-week program conducted approximately ten times a year with an average enrollment of 30 students. It is designed to familiarize Denver citizens with the policies and procedures of the Denver Police Department and provide a unique opportunity to learn about our officers.  The CPA has been moved from one single location that was once held at the Denver Police Academy to area police districts.  Beginning in 2013, DPD is introducing an Immigrant/Refugee, Youth, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Academies as well as the CPA’s in one of the six area districts.  The Academies are created to meet the needs and requests of the citizens of Denver.

Scheduled Citizen's Police Academies:

Participants attend lectures and discussions on subjects such as:

  • officer safety
  • internal affairs investigations
  • domestic violence
  • traffic laws and demonstrations in arrest control techniques (ACT)
  • defensive emergency vehicle operation (DEVOC)  

Officers from throughout the department assist with lectures and demonstrations. Some topics are community driven, with service providers and specialized individuals from the community conducting presentations.

Upon completion of this program, participants attend a graduation ceremony and are awarded a certificate bearing a miniature replica of the DPD badge. CPA graduates may elect to participate in the CPA Alumni Association and Volunteers in Policing programs.

Contact Us

Volunteers in Police Service
1331 Cherokee Street 
Room 110
Denver, CO 80204
Phone: (720) 913-6877


Apply Now!

To apply, complete the packet, print, fill out and submit by email or fax to:

Technician Dean Christopherson
Public Affairs Unit

Phone: (720) 913-6167
Fax: (720) 913-7019