Bank on Denver - Other Resources

General Information
Bank on Denver Business Plan
Overview of Denver’s Financial Services Market

Products & Training
Bank on Denver Products & Training Subcommittee Goals
NLC Products Memo
NLC Products Call Summary
CFSI Product Innovations
Bank on Denver Products Survey
Bank on Denver Community Partners Discussion Notes
BOSF Focus Group Findings
NYC Focus Group Questions
FDIC Underbanked Survey Summary
Article: Why Underbanked Still Elude Industry
CFSI Consumer Fact Sheet
CFSI Understanding the Unbanked Market
CFSI Preferences for Financial Services Providers
Bank on Cities Products Matrix
Bank on Cities Training Video Links
Bank on Savannah Branch Training
Bank on Savannah FDIC Checklist
Bank on Savannah FAQs
BOSF Customer Service Training
BOSF Training Materials

Financial Education
Bank on Denver Financial Education Subcommittee Goals
NLC Financial Education Memo
Financial Education Background and Best Practices
Bank on St Pete Education Requirements
Bank on Evansville Financial Education
BOSF Financial Education Course Outline
Bank on Philly Financial Education Provider Guidelines
Bank on St Pete Education Matrix
NYC Financial Education Network Directory
Bank on Philly Financial Education Provider Directory
Bank on Philly Financial Education Completion Certificate

Marketing & Outreach
Bank on Denver Marketing and Outreach Subcommittee Goals
NLC Marketing and Outreach Memo
NLC Marketing Budgets Memo
NLC Marketing Call Summary
Article: City's Poor Still Distrust Banks
BOSF Focus Group Findings
BOSF Marketing - Reaching the Unbanked
CFSI Preferences for Financial Services Providers
CFSI Consumer Fact Sheet
BOSF Marketing Strategies
Bank on Cities Websites
FDIC Denver Deposit Market Share Report
CO Attorney General Lending Data Summary
CO Attorney General Payday Lenders Report
CO Attorney General Small Installment Lenders Report
CO Attorney General Supervised Lenders Report
Bank on Savannah Marketing Budget
Bank on St Pete Marketing Budget
Community Voices Program Description
Bank on Seattle Sponsorship Plan
Bank on Seattle Sponsorship Fee Structure
Bank on Savannah Sponsorship Levels

Tracking & Evaluation
Bank on Denver Tracking and Evaluation Subcommittee Goals
NLC Tracking and Evaluation Memo
NLC Financial Education Memo (Tracking Section Highlighted)
NLC Tracking and Evaluation Sample Efforts
Bank on LA Referral Sheet
Bank on Philly Post-Education Survey
Bank on Philly Pre-Education Survey
BOSF Tracking Protocol
Bank on LA Evaluation Plan
Bank on LA Intake Form
Bank on Evansville Aggregate Report Template
Bank on Evansville Quarterly Report Template
Bank on CA Account Tracking Template
Bank on Seattle Tracking Form

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