Briefs, Reports and Presentations

The following briefs, reports and presentations are prepared by the Office of Children's Affairs.  They provide more information about community-wide programs and services available to children, youth and their families. 

All reports are in downloadable PDF format.

School Readiness

2014 Comprehensive Community Assessment Update (PDF) 2014 annual update to the comprehensive assessment of Early Head Start and Head Start services within the City and County of Denver. 
2013 Comprehensive Community Assessment Report (PDF) A comprehensive assessment of Early Head Start and Head Start services within the City and County of Denver.
2012 Community Assessment Report Update (PDF)  2012 annual update to the comprehensive community assessment including data form the US census Bureau with both regional and Denver components 
2012-2013 Annual Report (PDF)  An annual report containing an overview of the programs and services offered by Denver Great Kids Head Start 
2012-2013 Annual Report SPAN (PDF)  Un informe anual que contiene un resumen de los programas y servicios ofrecidos por Denver Great Kids Head Start 
2012 Federal Review Report (PDF)  A review of on-site monitoring of Denver Great Kids Head Start Program conducted by the Administration for Children and Families

The 5 By 5 Brief (PDF) Description of The 5 By 5 Project.
Establishing a 5 By 5 Program (PDF) Handbook for establishing a 5 By 5 program in another community.

K-12 Education

Denver Thrives When Our Youth Succeed (PDF) Presents data on how afterschool is making a difference in the lives of Denver's youth.
Evaluation of 2013-2014 Denver Comprehensive School-based Programs (PDF) 2013-2014 Evaluation of 17 Denver comprehensive school-based afterschool programs.
Every child in Denver deserves access to quality afterschool programs (PDF) An overview of the Denver Afterschool Alliance.

Making a Collective Impact on Educational Outcomes for Denver's Youth (PDF)

Presents Denver's collaborative efforts in building a comprehensive cross-sector out-of-school time system.

Evaluation of 2009 - 2010 Denver Comprehensive School-based Programs (PDF)

Evaluation of 2009 - 2010 Denver comprehensive school-based programs.
Denver's Afterschool Initiatives (PDF)

Presents Denver's vision for after school programs and their impact on Denver's youth.      

Afterschool Programs in Denver (PDF) Reports the impact Lights On After School programs on CSAP scores and attendance.  Also describes the cost of after school programs. 

Office of Children's Affairs

Denver Child Health Fact Sheet (pdf) Highlights the most current information about childhood obesity, food insecurity, and health insurance for Denver's Children. 
Denver Child Population Fact Sheet (pdf) Describes Denver's child population by age group, race, and ethnicity. 
Denver Child Poverty Fact Sheet (pdf) Provides information on child poverty in Denver including the number of children in poverty by age group and families in poverty.
Denver Disconnected Youth Fact Sheet (pdf) Provides current information on the number of youth ages 16-24 who are not working and not in school in Denver.
Denver Early Childhood Fact Sheet (pdf)    Provides current information on the demand, cost, and capacity of early childhood care and preschool in Denver.  
Denver Public Schools Fact Sheet (pdf)

Provides current information on Denver Public School student population, student achievement, and graduation rates.

The Status of Denver Children (pdf) is a data-based publication containing a wealth of information specifically about Denver’s kids.  This comprehensive document, aligned with Mayor Hancock’s Five Goals for Denver Kids, not only looks at demographics and population size, but also describes the current state of the health, education, and family economics of the children of Denver.


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Archived Briefs and Reports

Briefs and Reports prepared by the Office of Children's Affairs containing data prior to 2012 can be found on the Archived Briefs and Reports page.