• Auction Bids and Results

    The following information is provided as a courtesy only. Bid documents have not been reviewed by the Public Trustee to guarantee accuracy.

    Absence of a bid letter does not necessarily mean that particular foreclosure is or is not going to auction.

    Here's an explanation of what you will find in each of these reports.

    Auction Information

    Tax sales are conducted by the Treasury Division, and not by the Public Trustee.

    In order to participate in the Denver Public Trustee weekly auction, the document below will guide you through the procedures and deadlines to follow.

    All participants in Denver's weekly Public Trustee auction are expected to abide by the Code of Conduct described in the document below. Failure to to conform to the Code of Conduct will result in dismissal from the auction and may result in the voiding of a property purchase.

    The Bidder Registration Form my be found on the Forms page.

    Learn How to Purchase Foreclosed Properties

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