Board of Adjustment for Zoning Appeals

The Board's sole duty is to hear and decide cases regarding the Denver Zoning Code.  The types of relief that the Board may grant are summarized under Forms of Relief Available.

The Board meets Tuesday mornings in a semi-formal proceeding open to the public in the Hearing Room (2.H.14) located on the second floor of the Web Municipal Building at 201 West Colfax Avenue.
It is improper to contact any of the Board Members concerning an appeal outside of the public meeting, and to do so may result in one or more of the members recusing from the appeals hearing.


Board of Adjustment Closures

The Board of Adjustment will be closed on Thursday December 25, 2014, in celebration of Christmas.  Our office will resume normal hours on Friday December 26, 2014.


Current Events

After more than 20 years with no changes, the Board’s Rules of Procedures have been updated to reflect the Board’s current practices and the new Zoning Code.   Attached is the final draft of the revised Rules.


Ben Romero finished a successful 2012-2013 chairmanship and retired after serving for ten years on the Board of Adjustment (2003-2013).  We wish him good luck in his future endeavors and are grateful for his dedication and years of service.

Michael Koch was recognized for his 2011-2012 Chairmanship and awarded a plaque for his great service.