21 Members
4 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council
Juanita Chacon,Citizen 06/01/14

Charles Clark, Criminal Justice, 06/30/13

Dianne L. Tramutola-Lawson, Citizen, 06/30/2014

Sarah Chaikin, Rep. Victim Advoate, 06/30/2014

Lucia Guzman, Rep. Local Elected Official, 06/30/2014
Gary Wilson, Undersheriff, 06/30/2014
Judy D. Dulac, Dpt. Human Services, 06/30/2014
Makisha Boothe, DPS, 06/30/2014
Paul Rosenthal, Citizen Rep., 06/30/2014
Marshal Seufert, Public Defender's Office, 06/30/2017
Jane J. Prancan,Citizen, 06/30/2015
Margaret Reiland,Criminal Justice, 06/30/2015

Shawn Cohn,Probation Officer, 06/30/2016

Sylvia Sich, Public Safety, 06/30/2016
John "Jay" Flynn, Citizen, 06/30/2017

Daniel Diaz, Dept. of Safety Rep., 06/30/2017

Fran Jamison, Probation Rep., 06/30/2017

Jeaneene Miller, Rep. Criminal Justice,  06/30/2013
Lamar S. Sims, Rep. District Attorney's Office, 06/30/2017

Eric Holzwarth, Rep. Dept. of Corrections, 06/30/2017

Erin Stremming, Rep. Denver Human Services, 06/30/2017

Michael Anderson, Rep. Criminal Justice, 06/30/2017

Function: The board is responsible for advising city government on correction issues, establishing programs criteria and participating in the screening and selection of potential candidates for placement in community facilities.
Qualifications: The Denver Community Corrections Board shall consist of twenty-one members, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and whose appointments shall be confirmed by ordinance. The Board shall be comprised as follows: six representatives of the citizens of the city; three representatives of the city department of safety; one of whom shall be the director of the department of corrections/undersheriff; one locally elected official; two individuals with experience, knowledge, and interest in the criminal justice field; one victim's advocate from a local public or private agency; the remaining members to include not more than one representative from each of the following public agencies: the city district attorney's office; the city public defender's office; the city department of human services; the state department of corrections; the state department of human services; the city public school district; the city district court adult probation; and the city district court juvenile probation office.

Meets: Monthly on the third Wednesday, 7:30 a.m., at 303 West Colfax, 11th floor.

Contact: Greg Mauro, 720-913-8252, Fax 720-913-8920,

Enabling Authorization: CRS 17-27-101 and Resolution No. 63 Series of 1989