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 Our new online 'Book a Tee Time' service includes many new and upcoming benefits to the site including the ability to search one or any combination of our seven courses for the best tee time, search tee times by price range, make reservations at the Evergreen Golf Course, get information on course conditions and offer exclusive online specials to our guests.
The new online reservation system requires a credit card to make a tee time reservation. A no-show fee of $10 per no-show player may be charged if the reservation is not canceled or modified at least 24 hours in advance.

  • A golfer is considered a no-show if they don’t check in at least 15 minutes prior to their tee time.
  • All no-shows in a group are applied to the reservation card holder who made the reservation.
  • After three no-shows are applied to a reservation card holder the card will be suspended. There is a mandatory $50 fee to reinstate the reservation card.
  • Multiple consecutive tee times: For 2-5 tee times (8-20 people), you must call the golf shop to reserve times and pay for the tee times in advance. 
  • For tournament groups of 21 players or more you can contact Leslie Wright in the golf office to arrange a time for your tournament group, 720.913.0722 or email her at

To access the new online reservation system, select one of the three booking engines below (Loyalty, Standard or VIP) and log in. You will use your old Golfer ID#/User Name and insert DG and leading zeros in front of the number until you have 11 characters. 

Old Golfer ID#/User Name: 12345
New user name: DG000012345. 
Your Password will be “denvergolf”. 

Once logged in for the first time, you can change your user name and password. If you need any assistance updating your user name and password, please contact us at 720-865-4653 or email us at

Loyalty Card Access

(14-day reservation access)

Standard Access
(7-day reservation access)

VIP Card Access

(1-day reservation access)

I have a valid Denver Adult, Senior, Junior, Annual or Senior Annual Loyalty Card and want to make a tee time now (up to 14 days in advance.)
I want to book a standard tee time now (up to 7 days in advance).

I have paid for a VIP card and want to book a tee time for one of my VIP rounds (no more than one day in advance).  

  • Reservations can be made a maximum of seven days in advance  (Starting at 12:01 a.m. Sunday you can reserve a tee time for the following Sunday through the online system or by calling any golf course.)
  • Singles can only make a tee time by calling the pro shop to be paired with another player.
  • Same-day reservations can be made in person or by calling the golf course of your interest.
  • Click here to see Reservation Calendar

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