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Our Youth Services mission is to deliver programs to engage, prepare, and empower youth to meet the growing demands of a global economy. We strive to develop dynamic partnerships with the community and to construct the workforce of our future, one young person at a time. Youth Services monitors program outcomes, provides technical assistance, and coordinates program development for our community partners in order to ensure quality services are delivered to all that we serve.

Denver Youth Services is now accepting Summer Employment applications! 

START by creating your profile on Connecting Colorado.

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We offer several different programs for your benefit, some during the summer months only and some year-round. We'll help you figure out exactly which programs and services best fit your unique needs. Here's our monthly calendar, too.

Programs We Offer

We offer a range of fast-paced, four-week "Youth Academies" that focus on topics that we know interest young people--and based on industries that offer the most promising and lucrative future careers. Upon completion, youth earn a cash stipend. In 2015, we expect to offer Youth Academies on:

Renewable Industries

Advanced Manufacturing

Information Technology


Customer Service/Retail

Academies are for youth ages 14-15. To apply for an academy, you must begin with creating your profile in Connecting Colorado. When your profile is complete, you will see a button to apply for Denver Youth Services programs. Don't delay! These are popular academies and will surely fill up fast!

How would you like a great opportunity 2 get paid + 2 have fun = 4 your future!

2+2=4 means that it all adds up to a great opportunity for you this summer! Details here!

START by creating your profile on Connecting Colorado.

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The Transitions for Youth program was developed to address the specialized needs of participants who have been adjudicated or convicted of a juvenile justice system criminal charge and, because of these circumstances, are having difficulty obtaining employment.

Youth who successfully complete the up-front training have an opportunity to participate in subsidized employment learning opportunities, on-the-job training, and job shadow experiences. 

We develop relationships with employers and comprehensively support them in the hiring and retention of this specialized population. Targeted and customized job development is geared toward permanent placement. Key principles of our involvement include:

· Learning about employer needs and preferences

· Assessing the job seekers’ experience, skills and personality to make good matches

· Following up to ensure job retention

· Taking action when problems arise on the job

If this program sounds like something you could use--either as a youth jobseeker or an employer--please contact Alyssa Wasick at alyssa.wasick@denvergov.org or call 720-236-2697 today.

We work collaboratively with four contractors – Denver Housing Authority, Urban Peak, Servicios de La Raza, and the Denver Public Schools – to meet the diverse needs of job-seeking youth. These programs help you reach your employment, education, and personal aspirations. Through career advising and mentorship, you will learn to prepare for the future by setting goals and participating in activities to achieve personal growth.

Here is contact and location information on these four contractors.

Our contractors strive to provide services in the following areas:

  • Encouragement to return to school, pursue secondary education and/or to find permanent employment
  • Reading and math skill tutoring, including GED prep
  • Job readiness classes
  • Career exploration, occupational information and job skills training as necessary
  • Work experience programs designed to build skills and lead to long-term employment
  • Job coaching and employment counseling

The Denver OED originated its unique "Super Sophomores" program two years ago because we believe strongly in providing a paid, hands-on career exploration role for exceptional young students.

A "Super Sophomore" is defined as a second-semester freshman enrolled in Denver Public Schools who is deemed by the faculty to be one of the brightest at-risk students, with good grades, steady attendance and a great attitude. These are remarkable young people who demonstrate a commitment to learning and who aspire to success in spite of challenging barriers such as low income and other factors.

Our program individually places each of these exceptional students in an internship with a local employer that reflect their interests. Industries where we have created these internships include law, engineering, health care, medicine, marketing, and financial management. 

Our summer "graduation" celebration typically includes the involvement of Mayor Hancock. 

Students are referred by written recommendation only. For details, please contact nikesha.holliday@denvergov.org.

It's not just their future . . . it's YOURS.

In Summer 2014, Denver’s OED launched a joint project with the highly admired Denver Scholarship Foundation.

DSF carefully selects high-achieving but disadvantaged high school graduates and awards them with a four-year education in Colorado (if you’re not familiar with their approach, learn more at www.dsf.org.) We add a real-world, on the job professional work experience to the complement the academic rigor as these impressive young people earn their undergraduate degrees.

OED’s strength is in working with local companies to build success, including ensuring a skilled talent pool for employers to hire from.

That’s where you come in.

We are seeking visionary employers who know that finding top talent is critical to your company’s future. By investing in a summer internship with a high-achieving scholar, you’re serving both the student’s interests and your own. You’ll immediately understand why 75% of our students last year were invited to stay (or return) after their 8-12 week summer internships ended.

We think this match of DSF’s rigorous program and our connections with area employers is a winning idea, which is why it’s being expanded for Summer 2015.  

This is obviously not anything like a typical summer job program. These are exceptional students have completed at least two years of college and are maintaining the kind of achievement and motivation that  DSF saw when they were awarded their undergraduate scholarships.

We are proud to support this elite group of ambitious, motivated young professionals who seek careers in energy, finance, law, and marketing, among others.

These are motivated young professionals who seek careers in energy, finance, law, medicine, engineering, and management, among others. They come from disadvantaged situations yet have demonstrated great discipline and focus, and where they’re going is limited only by our imaginations.

You are exactly what they need to fulfill the promise of the DSF investment.

And these young adults are exactly what your organization needs to give you a head start in investing in tomorrow’s executive workforce.

Let’s talk! Please contact nikesha.holliday@denvergov.org.

Each year the Governor’s Summer Job Hunt provides a vital link between classroom learning and on-the-job experience by matching young people eager to work with great summer employment opportunities. 

FOR YOUTH: Register on Connecting Colorado.

FOR EMPLOYERS: In order for your summer job opportunities to be included, please send an email to youth.services@denvergov.org with the following information:

1. Your company logo
2. A short paragraph about your company
3. The URL of your company’s jobs page

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