Denver LeafDrop 2014 Has Ended

The 2014 LeafDrop period ended December 1st.

Leaves should no longer be left at drop sites.
Doing so is considered illegal dumping.

Make Leaf Recycling in Denver a Success

Participation in the LeafDrop program continues to grow each year and Solid Waste Management would like to see that trend continue.  To ensure that we maximize the amount of leaves collected and composted while also minimizing the City’s costs and use of resources, it is critical for participants to follow our guidelines.

Please only bring leaves to drop sites during specified dates and times.  Dropping off leaves during other times is considered illegal dumping. The City sets specific dates and times for weekend LeafDrop sites so that we can ensure we have adequate staff and resources on site to properly collect, prepare and transport leaves for composting. Illegally dumped leaves do not get recycled.

Leaves should never be blown or swept from your yard into the street.  Street sweepers are not designed to pick up large quantities of leaves, and those that do get picked up are mixed in with street litter so they are too contaminated to compost. Leaf piles in the street or curb can also clog storm sewers and lead to storm drain issues in your neighborhood.