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2015 Special Occasion & Public Event Permits

Download Parks Permit Application, fill out and return to Parks Permit Office at park.permits@denvergov.org -OR- 201 W. Colfax Ave; Room 1.G.1. 

Please be advised that Public Event caps are in place for 2015, particularly for NEW public events. View restrictions: www.denvergov.org/2015eventcaps 

View park site maps: www.denvergov.org/FindAPark

2016 Special Occasions (private, invitation-only events)

Please check this page after October 1, 2015 to learn more about the process and requirements for booking a park for your special occasion in 2016.

2016 Historical/Priority Events

Historical/priority public events are those which have occurred at the same location on the same date for two consecutive years. Historical/priority public events have first right of refusal for their same location and date in 2016. 

Organizers of these events will be contacted by the Parks Permit Office between September 14 - October 9 and asked to complete their 2016 park permit application. Organizers will also receive the following information at that time:

  • Application fee payment instructions
  • Other permit/public event FAQs

If Historical/Priority event organizers have not heard from Parks Permit staff by October 9, it is imperative they contact* us by 4PM that day to ensure the reservation. Historical/priority public events will have until 4PM on October 9 to tentatively confirm their 2016 event date by paying the non-refundable application fee.

The Parks Permit Office can be reached at park.permits@denvergov.org or 720.913.0700. 

*We realize there are always many questions during this pre-booking time period and appreciate your patience waiting until more information about securing your final permit is released by October 9 to contact us with permit-specific questions related to your historical/priority public event. After reviewing the information released by October 9, Parks Permit staff will be happy to answer permit-specific questions related to individual events. Thank you!

2016 NEW Public Events
Please check this page after October 1, 2015 to learn more about the process and requirements for booking a NEW public event in 2016. 

Other Rental Facilities

To reserve an event venue (City Park Pavilion, Washington Park Boathouse, Chief Hosa Lodge, etc.) please visit our rental facilities page

For questions, contact the Parks Permit Office at 720.913.0700 or park.permits@denvergov.org.  

Parks and recreation property and facilities are often the preferred choice of citizens to conduct public assemblies or other activities to exercise their First Amendment Rights.

A public assembly permit is required when such an event is for 50 or more people. This provides adequate notice to the City about logistics and safety issues and plans can be made accordingly for public safety and services. These events typically require coordination with several other agencies in addition to the permit.

Park Permit Application

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