Denver's Drug Strategy

Denver Drug Strategy Commission 
Number of Members: 27 Members
3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: No
Chris Herndon, 01/24/15
Regina Huerter, 01/24/15
Tamara Molyneaux, 01/24/15
Dr. Jim Moran 1/24/15
David Murphy, 01/24/15
William Nagle, 01/24/15
Arthur Ortegon, 01/24/15

Elizabeth Whitmore, 01/24/15

Christopher Conner, 01/24/16

John Simmons, 01/24/16

Flor Amaro, 01/24/16

Robert Bremer, 01/24/16

Robert Dorshimer, 01/24/16

Carroll Watkins Ali, 01/24/16
Richard Benenson, 01/24/16

Cheryl Haggstrom, 1/24/16

Noah Atencio, 01/24/16

Katherine Page, 01/24/16

Laura Pegram, 01/24/16

Sandra Haynes, 01/24/16

Penny May, 01/24/17

Merlyn Karst, 01/24/17

Andrew McClure, 01/24/17
Lori Rabinowitz, 01/24/17
Audrey Vincent, 01/24/17

Missi Wooldridge, 01/24/17

Emma Austin, 01/24/17

Owen McAleer, 01/24/17

Katie Karin Wells, Ex-Officio 

Function: Denver's Drug Strategy works to engage people at all levels of substance abuse and addiction. The Strategy supports approaches that work to reduce gaps in current substance abuse services. The mission of Denver's Drug Strategy is to "improve prevention and treatment for addictions".

Qualifications: None

Meets: Monthly, 1st Thursday -- Location Varies  
Contact: Nachshon Zohari, 720-944-6375,  

Enabling Authority: Mayor's Office